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Easy and simple to set up winter science ideas for kids to try this season. With few materials, these winter science ideas will keep kids busy on snow days!

Miller Range Antarctica Moraines meteorites mixed in with moraine rocks

20 of The Best Things to Do in Antarctica, The

Image of the Week – What's Hot in the Cryosphere? A 2018 review

Frozen Bubbles ~ Winter science experiment. Lots of tips and tricks for how to create frozen bubbles.

Cold weather science: Make a cloud on the ground! Primary Science, Preschool Science

Rules that governed the region and fostered science for decades are now threatened by competing interests

Elaine Hood / National Science Foundation

Explainer: how the Antarctic Circumpolar Current helps keep Antarctica frozen

Credit: Newcastle University

Snow activities: Make a snow storm in a jar- FUN winter science experiment for kids.

1/ If Antarctica's ice sheets melted, all of the worlds oceans would rise by 60 to 65 meters (200 - 210ft) - everywhere.

Cold. Of all of the adjectives to describe Antarctica, “cold” is most fitting, because it describes nearly every moment at every location on the world's ...

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry walks on a frozen section of the Ross Sea near the McMurdo Station, Antarctica on Nov.12. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

20 Must Try Winter Science Experiments for Kids | Love these experiments with everything from ice to frozen bubbles

Antarctic mountains

20+ winter science experiments for kids. Hands-on science about snow, ice, animals, nature, the holidays and more.

Wrap up warm, it's colder than in a freezer

Thin ice race in Antarctica


11 Strange Discoveries in Antarctica

Simple science ice experiment for the kids. Perfect for the winter time.

1/ Why doesn't it rain in Antarctica ?

Erupting Snowballs – Winter Science Activity - FUN!


Simple Winter Tree Activities for Kids Winter Outdoor Activities, Activities For Kids, Winter Walk

Antarctica's Sleeping Ice Giant Could Wake Soon

Thrill the kids by doing a snowy winter science experiment that makes a snowman magically get bigger and bigger. This amazing, simple, and surprising snow ...

Fun things to do in the cold

The rift in the ice sheet, as seen in 2016. NASA

During last warming period, Antarctica heated up 2 to 3 times more than planet average

Ice expanded as it froze popping the lids off these jars of water

11 science experiments for kids to learn about cold temperature, that are simply magical. You can do some right in your kitchen (and this is the part that ...

Petermann Glacier, Greenland sheds a huge iceberg

Science Projects: How to Keep Ice from Melting

Antarctica Provides ICE to Study Behavior Effects in Astronauts

Antarctica has lost 3 trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years. Time is running out for the frozen continent

Fun things to do in the cold

A sharp-angled, tabular iceberg floats among sea ice just off of the Larsen

With the calving, the Larsen C ice shelf lost more than 12 percent of its total surface area—larger than the US state of Delaware

12, 2016, file photo shows a frozen section of

Antarctic science station will empty for winter due to ice shelf cracks

The SALSA camp, as seen on December 5, 2018. Image: SALSA

Fun winter science experiments you can make right at home. Great for winter break activities

New crew and new research in Antarctica / Concordia / Human and Robotic Exploration / Our Activities / ESA

man walking on snow in the moonlight

Possible New Source on Discovery of Frozen City under Antarctic Ice » Exopolitics

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Verseux holding a frozen bowl of spaghetti, with a fork frozen in mid-air. Courtesy of Cyprien Verseux and Carmen Possnig. © @ESA / PNRA / IPEV / Concordia ...

Lemon battery

Antarctica Reaches a New Low

Fun things to do in the cold

Because of the Earth's tilt, for at least one day a year there's an entire day of darkness in this freezing region — and also a full day of sunshine.

Jason English

ANITA experiment in Antarctica

Paradise Frozen: Ten Incredible Antarctica Facts and Photos

Image: National Science Foundation

This hands-on winter science experiment gives kids a corporeal understanding of how arctic animals

Warming Antarctic waters are speeding the rate at which glaciers are melting

Antarctic ...

Fun things to do in the cold

Top 10 Mysterious Things Found Frozen In Ice Antarctica

Sticking with a Daily Routine at the South Pole

Antarctic research centre to be towed inland to escape dangerous ice crack

Near the Whillans drill site toward the Trans Antarctic mountains along the edge of the ice

cross-country skiiing in Antarctica in cold weather

Snow at night long exposure and torch

Ice on the Ellsworth Range in Antarctica

Camp near the site of the WISSARD borehole drilled in 2015. Photo Courtesy Carolyn Begeman

Panels are loaded onto X-Calibur in preparation for launch from McMurdo Station, Antarctica. (Photo: Dana Braun)

Cold Pursuits: A Scientist's Quest to Uncover Antarctica's Secrets

Creative solutions to Antarctic challenges

This hands-on winter science experiment gives kids a corporeal understanding of how arctic animals

Blood Falls, Taylor Glacier, Antarctica

Colin O'Brady and Lou Rud attempt first solo, unaided Antarctica crossing

D001. ...

Joel Witwer lived and worked at the McMurdo base for an Antarctic summer

daily meterological balloon launch at the British Antarctic Survey's Halley VI Research Station

balloon flying in Antarctica

O'Brady has become the first person to traverse Antarctica alone without any assistance,

Ice cracks force British Antarctic Survey to move its base

Katie Senekin at Casey Station, Antarctica.

Russian Team Breaches Buried Antarctic Lake

Few people have set eyes on the stunning landscape of the South Pole (Shutterstock)

Traverses usually take 12 to 15 days to reach Concordia Credits: PNRA–M. Giorgioni

Lamont's polar scientists are back in Antarctica on a mission to map the continent's ice shelves, with a particular focus on the huge Ross Ice Shelf and the ...

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