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A Stubborn Optimist An Ecotherapy blog Hobbies Keeping me going

A Stubborn Optimist An Ecotherapy blog Hobbies Keeping me going


A Stubborn Optimist ~ An Ecotherapy blog: [Hobbies] Keeping me going right now

A Stubborn Optimist

1800s country blacksmiths- Ulster American Folk Park - Carrie Gault 2018

1700s Irish country cabin - Ulster American Folk Park - Carrie Gault 2018

Just leave your name in the comments section of the blog. Open to all UK residents pic.twitter.com/aFlPKXSZn9pic.twitter.com/abkYudMuJ8


1800 Pennsylvania Log Farmouse - Ulster American Folk Park - Carrie Gault 2018

The Meaning Behind Gardening Love. Where Ecotherapy Takes On Mental Health


Robinsons Ladies Shoes

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... some favourites in the line up https://astubbornoptimist.blogspot.com/2018/12/daily-photo-challenge-round-up-week-27.html …pic.twitter.com/c7gYpXzE8Y

Toby the dog; such a good boy - Carrie Gault 2018

5 mood boosting ecotherapy activities. Natural ways to beat depression. Nature helps mental health

Unusual travel words with beautiful meanings | Looking for some travel inspiration? Check out these beautiful words from different languages that sum up ...

The photography of Dean irvine

NEW Blog Post A Stubborn Optimist ~ An Ecotherapy blog: My Festive Belfast https://astubbornoptimist.blogspot.com/2018/12/my-festive-belfast.html?spref=tw …


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BUBA restaurant Belfast - Carrie Gault 2018

collage of allotment produce and flowers - Carrie Gault 2018

I walk the earth path. I am a wild woman, a free spirit, a lover of Gaia.

7 Ways to Let Go of Negative Thoughts


Forests bring a dose of calm to our stressed-out, overworked lives. Spiritual

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currently reading.

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5 Badass Mental Health Blogs That Will Amaze You

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18 Blogs to Help You Succeed as a Work From Home Mom

Ecotherapy can help your mental health and wellbeing. Ecotherapy is where we connect with nature

What the Fructan? - Are you Keeping your Gut Happy and Healthy

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John Burroughs sign at Magee Marsh (2)


These simple ecotherapy activities can have a significant impact on your health, mood and mental

100 powerful hacks to help you ensure health and happiness in the new year

Living A Healthy Life, Simple Way, Natural Living, At Home Workouts, Health And Nutrition, Health Fitness, Natural Health, Home Remedies, Healthy Lifestyle

Check out our intrusive thoughts infographic and many more interesting blog posts about mental health at

12 Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have- infographic #healthy #habits #selfcare

My Rheumatoid Arthritis Story: Surviving to Thriving – Part 3: Holistic Therapies

My children are supposed to be different than me Gestalt Therapy, Archetypes, My Children

... Photo Friday for blog - daffodils in woods

Our kids aren't going to remember the days they spent inside watching TV or

5 essential daily self care practices for busy mums. Helping mums find balance through simplicity

Photographer Travels Across New Zealand With Gandalf Costume, And His Photos Are Epic

Self-Care Strategies

Work at Home Transcription: Tips on Getting Started

Trees in fog for blog with quote by Eckhart Tolle

How to Build Confidence and Overcome Social Anxiety

Flexibility is not just about doing impressive bends! It's also about moving with ease and


Midsummer Day Dreamer: a mental health blog

Infographic: Business Networking Tips. www.christine-ink.com Career Fair Tips

Is your Healthy Lifestyle Missing Self-Compassion

FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Virgo ? – Virgo Birthstone are Sapphire and Carmelian What are Virgo birthstone colors?

10 Tips for Better Sleep Infographic

... Photo Friday for blog - dogwood blossoms ...

Conquer your sugar cravings using these tips, and learn how you can overcome your sugar

For when you are trying to be everything to everyone and it is too much

Gardening is for everyone! All ages and abilities will benefit from gardening activities. It

14 ways to be happier instantly and improve you mood and mental health. If you're feeling down or unhappy and need a pick me up and to feel happy and more ...

The quickest way to have your waist redefined without much struggle. There are quite some factors that lead to women wearing the waist cinchers such as ...

Get Your Head Around Migraines Infographic

22 Charts to Help You Become the Best Version of Yourself

Unusual travel words with beautiful meanings | Looking for some travel inspiration? Check out these beautiful words from different languages that sum up ...

The Designer's Muse: Formal Garden in Connecticut Rock Wall Gardens, Rock Garden Design,

7 Easy Ways to be a Little Bit Healthier

Apple tree and rhuparbe

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Answer this interview question: Walk me through your resume

This attitude can stop you going for dreams and even contribute to mental health difficulties. Click the link to read why we need to ...

20 Daily Habits on Health, Fitness and Fulfillment

20 Daily Habits on Health, Fitness and Fulfillment

Amy Heseltine

3 Steps to Improve Your Confidence and Self-Esteem Today

Have you ever wondered if you or a loved one has a drinking problem? How

Psychology : Psychology infographic and charts Communicating your mental health needs ca Mental Health Illnesses,

Keeping a positive mind set when things get hard can be quite difficult. Here are some ways that you can get back on track and be more positive.

Metzger Marsh

Click infographic for fantastic ways to build self-esteem and overcome self-doubt.

Children see things very clearly and they are brave enough to be honest with us (

UNHCR Innovation (@UNHCRInnovation) | Twitter

Cool idea from Cottage in the Oaks Hanging Herb Gardens, Hanging Herbs, Vertical Vegetable

What's a Woman to Do About It?

If You Want to Be Happy at Work, Have a Life Outside of It

Why Mindfulness is NOT (Just) Meditation

Rowlinson Willow Cottage Arch: A beautiful and remarkably sturdy garden arch in that it is constructed from woven willow on a steel frame.

Accept that years were wasted on an alcoholic. Accept that you were married to a man who was in denial. Let go of the abuse you took from an alcoholic.

Rainbow Road by Double tap if you've ever seen a double rainbow!

22+ Graphic Design Interview Tips: Common Questions & Best Answers

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Nostalgia: The jet-setting life of 1960s aristocrats.

MY BLOG ! ! ! on WordPress.com

How to ask for help with your mental health. Mental health help. #mentalhealth