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DSC08062 january ideas t Winter fun Winter and Education

DSC08062 january ideas t Winter fun Winter and Education


How to make a resist snowflake art project with a fun twist

Bundle 7: Winter Activities

Another way to use shapes. I am so glad that this is what we are

December Math and Literacy Fun {Plus Ideas for All Winter Long


The learning concepts for the month of January include: rectangles, the colors blue and

january ideas · A fun and educational preschool activity to go along with the book "Caps for Sale

Winter Styrofoam Prints

During this time I was in Washington, I had to I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with mom, took her on a few trips, and I even got ...

While we both were there to celebrate the love of a friend, we had no idea what an impact that night would have on our lives…

A British co-worker of my hubs who resides in the UK will be relocating to our area in January. January! Bless them. His lovely wife has only been in the US ...

I had two luggages: Travel backpack for my trip to island & wheel hand-carry luggage for my city trip once I back to mainland.



I did add though, that since they'll be arriving in January this is the sort of weather they'll see then. Good to know what you're getting in to, right?

Well, another adventure is in the books as we recover from a journey across Northern California! Words can't do justice to all the incredible places we ...

The girls all wore a wrist corsage.

Photo by Caleb Jordan Lee.

I found the flower in a garden and decided to take a picture of it on a microwave.

BLM had groomed the trail from the Wickersham Dome to Moose Creek Cabin, about 16 miles one way, so I headed in that direction.

I pulled into the Shaktoolik K-12 school and was surprised to find the doors locked. After just 18 miles from the cabin I expected it was early afternoon; ...


Back at the school, I checked the weather station readings online. At the Shaktoolik airport, which is located in the most sheltered spot possible, ...

Had a great holiday season, and we headed back to the village together , with our 2 fur babies, on January 9th.

A premium aged, small batch rum from the Philippines. Distilled on the island of Negros, Don Papa is made from some of the highest quality sugar cane in the ...

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The students started back on January 12th, and with that brought the basketball season. Greg again was asked to coach the High School Boys team.

The first trampoline Neil got to try

Photo by Lead Shooting Instructor Myron Weirich

Photo by Lead Shooting Instructor Myron Weirich.


I hope to get much further this week as I am spending nearly the whole week at Urchfont Manor with the two groups -Textile21 and MEG.

After months of abnormally warm winter, a deep cold snap descended on the entire state of Alaska, just in time to catch Beat and company out in the most ...

I was a little bit stressed up this morning thinking about everything I had to do today but gave myself the time ...

Gear Review: Tarptent Double Rainbow




... interesting images, I hope. On the left, looking inside a Louise Nevelson sculpture, where a bird has made its nest, and on the right, the elevator.


As we came out of the market and made our way home, literally just a few miles, hubs and I decided we best call the co-worker and his wife in their hotel ...

There was still a little snow on the deck, but it was nice enough to sit out and soak up some Vitamin D on Saturday afternoon.

That day when little munchkins don costumes and parade from house to house asking ever so sweetly for candy. We have a little problem though-


This cute little dome came from Home Goods, and I couldn't resist it because of the oval shape and rustic wood base. I'll be sharing more about these ...

to SNOW!

... Wat's Dyke in Strand Coed, Greenfield Valley


We awoke Sunday morning to a crystal clear blue cloudless sky. In general the day after a storm is gorgeous and Sunday was no exception.


I have to talk about my costume because it is a fashion statement and I think my best costume yet! I totally stole the idea from Bridget Marquardt from ...

Off the Beaten Path: 5 Day Road Trip in the South and the North of Estonia

It's hard to say goodbye to this place. One last check-in before I left Serengeti, I saw a Zebra crossing the gravel wearing course and I slowed down so ...

The school year will start winding down now that basketball is over. State testing is in a month, and soon after that school will be out.

Reflections by Frank Swanson

That's where they are, right now on Saturday afternoon, as I make my final preparations to fly to Unalakleet.

We had a great time decorating and eating and sipping our cocoa. And it was fun watching the horses and barn cats watching us through the window.

I believe this is supposed to be a Pterodactyl but it really reminds me of the winged alien creatures from the movie "Pitch Black" creeeeepy

There were many times when my body just stopped, and wouldn't start again until I sneered, aloud, "Come on. Have some courage." I needed courage, because I ...

Finding purpose


Even amid what I expected to be heavy traffic during the dog sled race, the trail was already buried in spindrift — fine-grained snow that looks and feels ...


It was so lovely to meet Annie and if I am ever back in Vejer I know what I will be looking to do!

School started today - January 16th, and Greg is back to the grind. His first Basketball tourney is this weekend in Kwethluk. They will be snow machining ...

blury sunrise

That day when little munchkins don costumes and parade from house to house asking ever so sweetly for candy.

High School Basketball season has been great this year for Greg's high school boys. They went 11-1 into the Regionals, then won both of their games and took ...

See photo - Chris with his new kite.

We visited the big residential development, Lanco Hills on Tuesday, and were hosted by one of the senior managers, who is a Christian.

I'm fascinated by the balance on the piece pictured below, by Menashe Kadishman.


In the autumn and winter time St. Germain includes soups to their menu.

Blue Magic


A shot with no filter or Digital manipulation (other than to turn it Monochrome)

When we finally put our feet back onto solid earth, we were all very excited (and hungry for dinner). We then had a short but steep hike up to our second ...


{Next on my list of homemades is some nutty maple syrup granola}

I did my best to reassure the Mrs. that this was not typical weather for an October Saturday in Northern NJ and I think she mostly believed me.

A couple of pairs of buffalo leather chappals which I bought in Mumbai last year. I don't expect them to be worn until I reach Goa.


Minimal Gift Ideas for Girls 4






Back ...

DSC08062 Fathers Day Cards, Graduation Cards, Stamping Up Cards, Air Balloon, Balloons

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Had a great holiday season, and we headed back to the village together , with our 2 fur babies, on January 9th.

When we finally put our feet back onto solid earth, we were all very excited (and hungry for dinner). We then had a short but steep hike up to our second ...

Storm King is an outdoor sculpture park, and the sculptures, many of which are monumental, are situated within the fields, woods, and hills of the 500 acres ...

To kick off our One Year of Dates we headed out to our local putting green. Before going to putt-putt we hit up a local restaurant called The Laughing Owl. ...

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I also found another reason to visit Asahikawa – food! The city is slowly gaining interest as a gourmet town (it even has a village dedicated to ramen), ...

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