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Freebie 110 Ten Frame Cards Plus Number Word Cards Unifix Cube

Freebie 110 Ten Frame Cards Plus Number Word Cards Unifix Cube


1-10 Ten Frame Cards Plus Number Word Cards Unifix Cube Theme

Count Them Up - Unifix Cube Math Center Activity---Free on Teachers Pay Teachers

Diving Into Learning

Ten-Frame Cards - Making 10s with Hats

Here's a set of penguin ten frame cards in four different formats. Includes a set

Blog post on developing early numeracy. Includes a free downloadable for a combinations to 5

FREE Number printables for kindergarten kids to review numbers 1-10. Tracing and writing

Snap Cube Number and Pattern Cards! Such an awesome resource for my preschooler! Patterning

Free Bear Counting Cards! I love that it is a freebie!!!

*FREEBIE* Roll and Write Numbers 1-6 and 5-10

Beachy Ten Frame and Base Ten Number Matchby Lil' Country Kindergarten

Counting to 20 Number Sequencing Activity: WinterThis Count to 20 Number Sequencing Activity Pack is a collection of 3 sets of printable number cards 3 ...

Here's a simple set of five and ten frame cards in red and green. Math

Watermelon Ten Frames

Penguin Ten Frame Cards 1-20. Decomposing NumbersNumber WordsTen ...

Ten Frame War Cards (A Number Sense Game) {FREE}

Here's a packet with two sets of circle number cards 0-10 (two different

Number 1-10 Worksheets for kindergarten kids.Tracing and writing numbers and number words

Making Tens Assessment {FREEBIE}

Five Frame Teacher Demonstration Cards

Number Sense Freebie K-2 Guided Math

Classroom Freebies: Subtracting From Ten. Here's a quick and easy little game for practicing ten-partners with subtraction.

Farm Ten Frame Plus one!

In this winter themed packet of materials you will find ten frame cards, numeral cards

Free Ten Frame Activity

ADDITION - Freebies - Math Centers - Worksheets - Kindergarten Operations and Algebraic Thinking Common Core

Math Coach's Corner: It All Adds Up. Using strategies to learn basic facts.

Play Dough Ten Frame Mats 0 - 10

FREE*** Make Your Own Number Sense Anchor Charts 1-10 for preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten.

Good to use for number recognition....I will use for EIP children

Ten frame activities and worksheets. @Jill [email protected] [email protected] Taylor Ten

10 Frame Cards (Full Deck) For games like Go Fish, Memory, and making 10.

Mitten Match Teen Numbers Freebie

Like most Pre-K kids, my class loves a certain book about a cat

Build shapes and corresponding words with these interactive number playdough mats. Practice counting, reading

The majority is 0-11 or 9-20 with matching ten frame cards.

Christmas in July Hop - Winter Math Freebies and a HUGE Giveaway!

Numbers 1-20, Words and Ten Frames File Folder

Here's a set of candy corn themed counting cards with numbers and ten frames. Kindergarten

DAB It! Tens Frame Counting 11-20 - practice counting and identifying teen numbers on a tens frame

FREE! Counting on activity recording page. All you need is this sheet and some

Here's a set of basketball themed ten frame cards. 10 Frame, Ten Frames,

Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten-making sets to 10 freebie

This Flashcard Freebie contains a card for each addition fact within 20. These can help

Set of 10-Frame Demonstration Cards

Unifix cube math worksheets or maybe use unifex cubes along with it

Ideas and a freebie to reinforce counting skills and consecutive numbers.

Number Sense Practice Sheet FREEBIE

Ten frame buttons and colors. Could use with the new Pete the Cat book.

Number, Number Word, Ten Frame Match {0-10}

I created a number practice game to use with a Candy Land game board. Included are cards with the numbers 37 written numbers or math terms, .

Fern's Freebie Friday ~ FREE Addition of Multi-Digit Whole Numbers Within 1000 Sample Task Cards

FREE Printables for making 10!!! I would use these laminated or in page protectors at a math center. | Lesson Plan Ideas | Pinterest | Math, ...

An easy 10 frame freebie for

10 Frame Cards (Full Deck) For games like Go Fish, Memory, and

Free Number Printables with 10 Frames **hmm.for an assessment-print 10 frames on card stock put into a sleeve, laminate # & word cards have kids Velcro on ...

Free Number Posters Place Value Blocks, Place Values, Number Posters Free, Ten Frame

FREE Numbers 0-120 Flash Cards from The School Supply Addict Numbers Preschool, Math

Ten Frames Number Cards 0-20

Number Book 0-20 Acorns (ten frames and number words) - This fun

Numbers 0-20 Activity Sheets. This packet focuses on filling in the missing

Single-Digit Addition Using Unifix CubesStudents practice single-digit addition with these unifix cube

Missing Number Clip Cards (Numbers 0-20) Freebie

Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To Clip Cards (Comparing numbers 1-10

1-10 Ten Frame Cards Plus Number Word Cards Unifix Cube Theme

Adding with Unifix Cubes Adding with Unifix Cubes

Number posters for numbers Posters have number, ten frame showing value, and number word. I have them printed on colored card stock and laminated.

Decomposing Teen Numbers

FREE Number Sense Activities (1-10)

Teaching Place Value

Valentines Day Clip Cards - Numbers 11-20

Missing Number Clip Cards intervention Freebie

Christmas Sampler {FREEBIE!} - Ten-Frames, CVC Words, Stationery

... value with the magnetic place value chart (pan) - talk about the tens rods and ones cubes. I also have a tally mark section under the green word cards.

Ten Frame Playing Cards

... Halloween Racers - A Comparing Numbers Activity

How about some fun + engaging number review sheets! Don't worry that the cover is Halloween themed –it was a Halloween freebie! The pages aren't Halloween.

... Subitizing Cards: Dots, Ten Frames, and Unifix Cube Towers

It allows your students to explore place value further, and instead of trading “ones” for “tens,” they exerience trading “tens” ...

Up next is a free sampler to my KinderLiteracy close reading curriculum! I wanted to share this freebie in case you're not able to use the complete ...

In small groups, we've been using some activities from my {Math with a Deck of Cards} pack (for 1st Grade). Pulling over one card to give us one part and ...

... of place value by forcing students to understanding that a digit's value changes depending on its place. Each student gets to flip 3 cards, ...

How about a numbers to 12 Roll and Cover board!?

... Number and Subitizing Cards - A Teaching Essential

Base Ten Cards I love using these cards to play memory or go fish! The best part is that it's naturally self-correcting! If there are any mis-matches at the ...

... Number Sense: Subitizing Cards, Perceptual & Conceptual

... Subitizing Cards Game - Roll and Find - Math Center for Early Number

You have to be alert enough to realize when it's your turn! Win/Win for the teacher! Like the Base-Ten Cards above, this game is naturally self-correcting… ...

Whether it's teaching standard/written/expanded form, comparing large numbers, or multi-digit addition and subtraction, these are my go-to tool!

As the year progresses we work a lot on number sequences and missing numbers! These review strips are a quick and easy way to review!

Number Sense: Subitizing Cards Number Sense: Subitizing Cards

I shared an ABC chart above but here is something similar but bumped up! A beginning blends and digraphs chart! You can also print the charts 4 to a page ...

... Subitizing Cards (Number Sense) to 16 Pack 2 Clip Art Set for Commercial Use

... Subitizing Cards 0-20 (Tens Frames) & Activities

... Subitizing Cards (Number Sense) to 16 Pack 1 Clip Art Set for Commercial Use

1-10 Ten Frame Cards Plus Number Word Cards Unifix Cube Theme ...

While we are talking about real life photos—how about this ABC tracing book? You can choose between two styles within the freebies!