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From Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter americaland of the free

From Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter americaland of the free


From Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter

Ted Cruz Quotes, American Exceptionalism, Ayn Rand, Wit And Wisdom, Philosophy

Ros-Lehtinen Says Ted Cruz Makes Senate Work Efficiently

As president, I'll defend the Second Amendment and our entire Bill of Rights! MOAB_of_Truth · Awesome Ted Cruz Quotes

Hell YEAH!!! Hopefully he keeps his word! Mitch Mcconnell, Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz ~ RADICAL Rational American's Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

He just finished an amazing 20 hours speaking from the floor and Reid is speaking now

Christians For Ted Cruz .

Ted Cruz fights on for our rights!// What a good and wonderful man. I still wish he could be our President.

Pathfinder on

Is Senator Ted Cruz eligible to be President of the United States? Image courtesy of the Office of Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz For The Constitution

TED CRUZ: " We don't work for the lobbyists with tasseled loafers who

I agree 100% Ted Cruz Quotes, Conservative Values, Fox, Presidents, Foxes

Fight For Us, Latina, Donald Trump, Children, Twitter, Ben Carson, Men, Creepy, Young Children. sheila99 · Ted Cruz · '

Feisty☀️Floridian (@peddoc63) on Twitter

Tedcruz Org, Obama, Presidential Candidates, Right Wing, God Bless America, Constitution

The Billie Williams on Twitter: "If This Is Your List Then Ted Cruz Is

Texas Senator Ted Cruz showing DC what backbone looks like, ha! 2nd Amendment,

Ted Cruz - A man willing to fight for what is right! We The People

Call Sen. Cornyn and tell him to OPPOSE 'CLOTURE' and support Ted Cruz's plan to #DefundObamacare

Wow what a contrast when you bother to look. Actually, when you search "

Conservative Politics, Ted, America, Photo And Video, Donald Trump, Twitter,

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Politics, Twitter, Ted

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal blocked a "Religious Liberty" law proposed by GA state representatives who had nothing better to do with their time:

Sen. Ted Cruz Slams Resistance, Cuts Through 'Sound and Fury' On Kavanaugh - Only Common Sense Here

Ted Cruz on the amendment

Political Divide New President, Donald Trump, Obama, Ted, America, Twitter,


Ted Cruz 2016!! NOT FOR SENATE>>>>FOR PRESIDENT God Bless

Ted Cruz Reveals What he'd do if Elected President – And it's Even Worse Than You Thought

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Ted Cruz, waving American Flag.. I can't imagine Obama EVER doing this

TL;DR: Teachers are America's hope, and we're failing them


The GOP and the Historical Obsession with Work in America

Rafael Cruz, Father of Ted Cruz, Speaks With Pat Robertson

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When it all was over, I gave my unvarnished opinion on how the candidate's fared on Twitter:

Her DPhil examined tech and resistance in Egypt after the 2011 revolution. https://www.law.ox.ac.uk/people/kira-allmann …pic.twitter.com/u70ZzBJSH9

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Ralph Nader Hosts Breaking Power Conference, Sep 26 2016 | Video | C-SPAN.org

The photo is a scene showing porn star Cory Chase in the hardcore flick “Moms Bang Teens 20,” which infamously earned a “like” from Cruz's Twitter account ...

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz joins Josh McElveen for an extended web edition of Conversation with the Candidate.

Attorney General candidates set first forum next month at Disney World


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Any Question that @SpeakerBoehner and GOP House Again Choose to Do Nothing on #Immigration ??? #NoCredGOP pic.twitter.com/NcpnK8dDva

2 Convocations at Liberty University:

Fox NewsVerified account @FoxNews .

Flash-bang grenades: On Ted Cruz's ...

Cruz: "Everyone Responsible For The Rise Of Trump, They Will Bear That Responsibility Going Forward"

Ted, Twitter, Politics, Hunger Games, The Hunger Games

Will you say that when you're family is threatened and you're outnumbered. Will you die with that promise on your lips? Will you wait til its too late to ...

Scott Pruitt Went to the Senate and Was Reminded of the Time He Said Trump Would Be Worse Than Obama – Mother Jones

Why I'm For Ted Cruz 16 comments

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This is America. Land of the free. Home of the brave…and a lot of whack jobs.

John Scalzi

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Kyle Bennet


Ronald Reagan quote about borders.

tres waterfield

Lori Hendry on Twitter: "DEMOCRATS HATED my guts, Made lewd accusations, protested

“I will revoke the U.S. citizenship of all Puerto Ricans,” says Donald Trump?

Ron Packard

America, Land of the Free? – Racial Profiling Cartoon #6 « GoodOleWoody's Blog and Website

The thing about this quote, which is embraced by conservatives, is that it is not necessarily against big government, but rather against governmental ...

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God Bless America - Land of the free, because of the brave! #motivate #godblessamerica #honorthread

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Ted Cruz Has Already Claimed the White House

Newseum to Close D.C. Location After Sale to Johns Hopkins University

Before him, the Republican Party was cursed with Senator Bob “It's his turn” Dole, who spent the Reagan years commiserating with castrated moderate ...

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#makeamericagreatagain hashtag on Twitter Jack Kirby, Pro Trump, Pro Donald Trump, Donald


Kamala Harris Officially Launches 2020 with Promise to Take on Trump with 'Moral Clarity'

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Snopes Fact Checks Babylon Bees Cosby/Planned Parenthood Joke - Only Common Sense Here

If this is not the ultimate depiction of Jewish power, I don't know what is:

Donald Trump and aide Stone at odds amidst Kelly controversy | US news | The Guardian

Texas Senator Ted Cruz speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a March 19, 2016, campaign rally in