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Image of Rajams paintings India art Painting Art

Image of Rajams paintings India art Painting Art


kaulika:Matangi Devi - Sri Rajam

Buy poster prints of original painting of Hindu goddess Devi Varahi by late S. Rajam, a renowned artist. S. Rajam painted in unique color-wash style of ...



S rajam painting · Art & Photos Señor Shiva, Lord Shiva, Om Namah Shivaya, Nataraja, Photo


Ravana surrenders to Shiva, by S. Rajam

Walls on Shaheed Path painted by artists from Delhi (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui)

The present post is a brief introduction to the subject outlining the characteristics of the Chitrasutra tradition. This will be followed by an account of ...


The Chitrasutra of Vishnudharmottara, an ancient text dated around sixth century AD, states that one needs to understand music to be a good painter.

Art Painters Rajam, Srikakulam

Poster prints of original painting of Gitopadesham by late S. Rajam for sale at Cottage9.com. S. Rajam painted in unique color-wash style of painting.


Artist S. Rajam hindu belief hinduism art meditation yoga artist Manivelu himalayan academy art merging with siva shiva

Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi,in collaboration with DAG (Delhi Art Gallery) is organising an exhibition "The Printed Picture: Four Centuries Of Indian ...

Watercolor and gouache painting (1948). Private collection.

Artist S. Rajam woman hindu belief hinduism art himalayan academy art garlands housewife indian woman

Mayuran saw to the culmination of another project today as he scanned the last of our Rajam art collection. These were all done on our new hi-resolution ...

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Age not a deterrent: S. Rajam with some of his works.

Shri S Rajam is the golden link (svarna setu) between music and art. He provided a visual identity and a tangible idiom of expression to Indian classical ...


Buy original art of artist S. Rajam in print at Cottage9.com. High quality posters of original artwork of Hindu god Sri Rama by S.Rajam.

Growling lions, fanged snakes and lush trees: City becomes a canvas for 3D artists

oil painting of an Indian mother and her sleeping child- portrayal of a typical Indian

Siva Overshadows Practitioners of All Faiths

He was not only a professional artist (Given the quality and the volume of his art works, he can only be classified as a professional artist) but also a ...


S. Rajam. Illustration by Keshav

While explaining the special features of traditional Indian art, Shri Rajam in his interviews and articles stresses the point that the traditional Indian ...

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You may like to have them here. \

s rajam paintings

Railway artists paint travel dreams on canvas

A painting by S. Rajam depicting Kshetrayya (with Krishna in the background)


According to an Indian legend, mothers who

Large Chola Bronze Vishnu

Siva's Rudrathandava during Mahapralaya

Traditional Cheriyal paintings are very interesting way of storytelling and artist Merugoju Madhu is trying hard to save this dying art form.

That was true not merely of the classical paintings but also of the art works and paintings created by the village craftsmen and artists.


Artist and musician S. Rajam was remembered by students, friends and fraternity - The Hindu

Artist S. Rajam , saint , sadhu , swami , sannyasin , monk , devotion

Art Craft Tours

Art for mental health

Himalayan Academy. Kauai.Hawaii. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. Rj Oviya · S rajam painting · Art ...

GMRIT is ranked in the band of 151 to 200 at national level by NIRF, MHRD, New Delhi – April, 2017.

Artist s. rajam ; woman ; hindu belief ; hindu ; hinduism ; art ;


Faith Groups and Monuments

Amorphous Man with Red Clouds Trimurthy

Illustrations by

A painting by S. Rajam depicting Krishna and a woman (probably Radha)

Buy rare S. Rajam's art in print of Vishnu. Prints of exquisite paintings of Hindu gods by this renowned artist. High quality art prints of original ...

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Artists come together to paint for flood relief


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Considering the volume of study, research and work involved; and the time taken to complete a painting, the prodigious output of Shri Rajam is totally ...

... depicting an episode from the battle of Aljubarrota (1385) between the Portuguese and Castilian armies. A piece of public art in Lisbon, Portugal.


S rajam painting · Goddess Kaumari is considered the Shakti of Lord Skanda, and is also one of the. Peacock Art · India Art ...

A wall of the room exhibit most of the personality and adds a little drama to life too. They are really game-changers in current affairs of the lifestyle ...

St. Thirumular and St. Meikkandar

While talking about his approach to art, Shri Rajam said,” my art is not, nor was it ever meant to be, realistic or photo-like replicas of life, ...


Music, his canvas

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S rajam painting · Goddess Parvati & Lord Shiva Señor Shiva, Lord Shiva, Krishna, Hanuman,

A multi art exhibition titled Rang Jashn took place on January 19-21st in at Indore's Pritamlal Dua art gallery. Organised by 'Art n Heart' group, ...

Chinnamasta - Mahavidya

Indian art has a very long and an illustrious history. Painting as an art form has flourished in India from very early periods as is evident from various ...

Arjuna hit target By Artist Daswanth and kesho From Jaipur copy of Akbar.

art still life - watercolor palette, jars with gouache, two paint brushes - Stock

Tribute to Shri S Rajam By Gowri Ramnarayan featured in The Hindu, Friday, Feb 05, 2010 http://www.hindu.com/fr/2010/02/05/stories/2010020551050400.htm

Ashtalakshmi - Veeralakshmi by S. Rajam. Ashtalakshmi - Veeralakshmi by S. Rajam India Painting, Art ...

For Ahmad Shariff Big B was his inspiration for the painting (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad

Saivism and Christianity


S. Rajam

Hinduism art himalayan academy religion spirituality artist S Rajam rama avatar vishnu brahma cows krishna gopis

An evocative show

Usha. S. Rajam

chughtai paintings - Google Search

The text clearly mentions that rules do not make the painting; but it is the artist with a soul and vision who creates the art expressions.


Art from

Indian Heritage - Music - Musings on music - Origin & Classification

Benoy K Behl the scholar and art-historian remarks, ”This stylization, increasing linearity and the protrusion of the farther eye, which extends beyond the ...

Early career: Debut and breakthrough in Tamil and Telugu films, (1949–1953)[edit]

Still life, showing an interest in watercolor painting and art. A lot of brushes


Gods Look on & Bless a Man Plagued with Doubt/Worry

Himalayan Academy. Kauai.Hawaii. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. Nataraja, Indian Artwork,