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Mrs Gillespies thoughts Phonics Anchor Chart Kids Phonics

Mrs Gillespies thoughts Phonics Anchor Chart Kids Phonics


Mrs. Gillespie's thoughts: Phonics Anchor Chart

Consonant blend anchor chart

Long/ short vowel anchor chart

Hard C/Soft C Anchor chart from Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

Ghost Letter Digraphs Anchor Chart by Alexandra DePaolo

20 Phonics Charts We Want to Use Right Now

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits: Vowel Teams

Anchor Chart ROUND UP! Lots of different anchor chart ideas here for Kindergarten.

Consonant blend anchor chart...I can't draw a frog!!!! :-/

hard and soft g anchor chart - a nice reference for the kiddos! www.teacherspayte.

For mini-lit Bossy E lessons

TOEFL Preschool Charts, Kindergarten Anchor Charts, Writing Anchor Charts, Alphabet Phonics, Phonics

Magic e anchor chart

Student center folder activity with anchor chart

Kindergarten · Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Anchor Charts · Teaching RulesTeaching PhonicsTeaching ...

-Ed and -ing endings- suffixes- when to double the consonant anchor chart

Mrs. Gillespie's thoughts: Gotta love a prefix and suffix!!

bc68a4dcfb2292f46d9566a15cdb2f26.jpg 640×853 pixels | Homeschooling Ideas | Pinterest | Anchor charts, Phonics and Chart

This post is great for teaching blends to kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students! I love the anchor chart and fun activities to go with this ...

Love these models for anchor charts that focus on phonics and blends.

Vowel sounds poem Phonics Reading, Teaching Phonics, Kindergarten Literacy, Teaching Reading, Guided

Long i poem for anchor chart

Long vowel, long e, ee vowel team anchor chart (picture only)

Anchor chart for Sticky K and Curvy C

OO word anchor chart. Spoon Words!. Write oo words on spoons, read the words and put on your chart.

Digraph anchor chart. Words are the lyrics from the Jack Hartmann video, Digraphs. Autographs included: ch, th, wh, ph, sh

Anchor chart for digraphs : sh, ch, th, wh

Phonics Crash Course, Part 2, phonics rules and terminology that they should have taught

Digraphs and Diphthongs anchor chart

Vowel pair anchor chart

When 2 vowels go walking Kindergarten Anchor Charts, Reading Anchor Charts, Kindergarten Literacy,

TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ - Learn how using anchor charts in your classroom can really help your students learn tricky concepts and become better readers.

Phonics: Long vowel spelling patterns

Bossy r anchor chart. Bossy r anchor chart Phonics ...

Soft and hard "c" anchor chart Phonics Rules, Teaching Phonics, Teaching Reading

The Phonics Phenomenon: Phonics Friday: Anchor Charts

The Mall-ard's Kindergarten: Where the Wild Things Post: Letter Combinations and Blends Chart

Freebie Anchor Chart for Vowel Pairs, Vowel Diphthongs, Vowel Digraphs. Great for emergent readers still learning to decode big words.

*Bossy E, 2 Vowels Word Family Anchor Chart Fun

Vowel Pairs Anchor Chart

soft and hard g anchor chart https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/

Mrs. Gillespie's thoughts: Gotta love a prefix and suffix!!

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Anchor Charts Phonics Sounds Chart, Phonics Chart

"ow" and "ou" anchor chart.Mrs Jump's class: It's Owl Right! Owl fun and Freebies!

Anchor Chart for Beginning Blends and Digraphs, also has a letter combinations ones too.

Word Study anchor chart to introduce or review consonants and vowels.

We started learning about digraphs this week, well more specifically the th sound. I love it when we get to this point of the year.

"Ouch" ou and ow vowel sounds anchor chart Phonics Rules, Jolly Phonics,

hard and soft G First Grade Phonics, Kindergarten Phonics, Teaching Phonics, Phonics Activities

Activities for Teaching the au/aw Digraphs | Top Teacher Tips + Freebies | Pinterest | Teaching, Anchor charts and Phonics

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits: Magic E

Alphabet Phonics, Preschool Phonics, Jolly Phonics,

Oy/oi and au/aw Anchor Chart Phonics Chart, Story Elements, First

Teaching Phonics, Phonics Activities, Jolly Phonics, Autism Teaching, Kindergarten Anchor Charts,

Vowel digraph anchor chart

Long vowel, long i, magic e anchor chart

Vowels and Consonants Chart

Here are cute and helpful anchor charts that will help your students learn the /oo/spelling patterns. Hang the anchor charts up on your wall, bulletin board ...

Word Study: R-controlled vowels (Anchor Chart)

Long I anchor charts, long I spelled ie, long I spelled y long I spelled igh

3 letter blends pocket chart centers that are perfect for practicing tricky trigraphs!!

long vowel chart

Phonics Intervention Free Download

Anchor Chart: Long E sound: "When two vowels go a walking, the first one does the talking"

Magic Silent e chart. Magic Silent e chart Teaching Phonics, Kindergarten ...

20 Perfect Anchor Charts for Teaching Phonics and Blends

The Bossy a's "ai" and "ay" order rule Phonics Rules, Phonics

Kindergarten Anchor Charts · The H Brothers. Ch, Th, Ph, Wh, Sh. First Grade

Decoding strategies anchor chart

igh word family anchor chart Phonics Rules, Phonics Words, Spelling Words, First

#TCRWP: Day 1 Reading Institute 2015. Good readers anchor chart. pranjal · Jolly phonics · '

20 Perfect Anchor Charts for Teaching Phonics and Blends

Phonics, Charts, Graphics

Kindergarten Anchor Charts · Phonics Reading, Teaching Phonics, Phonics Activities, Kindergarten Reading, Teaching Reading, Jolly

Phonics Anchor Chart


FREE - Double Check the Sound -Anchor Chart - Helps kids to know when you flip the sound around and re read the word. Vowel Pairs, Long Vowels, ...


Alphabet and Phonics Charts | My Kindergarten Kiddos | Phonics, Phonics chart, Guided reading

another anchor chart on two syllable words the y sounds like an 'e' and one syllable word with y sound like 'i'

The H Brothers H Brothers, Kindergarten Literacy, Classroom Activities, Classroom

Phonics Charts for Every Digraph. 17 - diagrams

The Cole Train: Anchor's Away!

L blend anchor chart

Sound Chart students can color! There's a blends chart too

Mrs. Gillespie's thoughts: Vowel Flower Activity Short Vowel Activities, Phonics Activities, Language

ee words and ea words, ee words go on the tree, ea words go on the leaves, clever!

Miss Giraffe's Class: Phonics Fluency Notebooks

Pin by Bree Dinsmore on My Classroom | Pinterest | Phonics, Anchor charts and School

Vowel Digraph Chart-going in reading notebooks this year

Anchor Chart - Short I Fish (c) Castrovinci

Check out these fun poems/anchor charts created and shared by Abby over at The Inspired Apple! Simple poems and great illustrations for helping your kiddos.

... silent e, r-controlled, vowel team, consonant + le, and open with this detailed post. Includes free mini anchor chart! #phonics #teaching

The Bandit 'Y' - What a great way to teach the sounds associated with the letter 'Y'

The Super Hero H Brothers Kindergarten Anchor Charts, Reading Anchor Charts, Kindergarten Writing,

Phonics Readers-Digraphs

Consonant digraph, ch words anchor chart

Vowels are Glue! Practicing our CVC Words in kindergarten! Great ideas for a song

-ed endings anchor chart