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Must have for smokers Funny Stuff t Funny and Must haves

Must have for smokers Funny Stuff t Funny and Must haves


Thank goodness it isn't tampons

“James...you need to smoke and take your mind off things and it'll help with the tumor” “eh..what the hell..gimme dat shit”

Funny things to ask Siri: Music references

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20 things to do instead of smoking weed!.jpg

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Funny things to ask Siri: What is the answer?

Tumblr being tumblr. Dankest MemesFunny ...

Make an honest list of all the things you like about smoking

Funny things to ask Siri: Is Santa real?

Funny Things to Say to Siri

Even if one doesn't smoke pot, one has to see the benefits of decriminalizing…

Funny things to ask Siri

20 Facts You Probably Didn't Need To Know

1. Someone suggested that you try baby carrots when you're having a craving, which is clearly ridiculous. You can't smoke a carrot.

Sometimes a stoner just has to have his fucking cake and eat it too. #420 #meme #420meme

Not much is worse than having a great time with your friends, smoking some great bud, only to run out right in the middle of the smoke sesh.

Funny things to ask Siri: Sing me a song

4. Is there anything better than a cigarette with a cup of coffee? Is there?

Two screenshots of funny Tinder bios.

Funny things to ask Siri

Two young men are looking at each other, gesturing as they speak. A blue

Two screenshots of funny Tinder bios that are featured in this article.

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Funny pictures

"Hey ...

Haha so people can see exactly what smoking does to their lungs. This is funny. If I ever get a ash tray this is it! Find this Pin and more on must haves ...

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Haha how I feel every time a little kid has to help fix my computer problems!

Thank You for Smoking Poster

Smoking Kills on a Cigarette Box

This has to be one of the funniest things I have seen since Thank You for Smoking. The Hollywood Reporter (via Reuters) says anti-smoking activists are ...

Pick a quit date

Must be set free! Things To Think About, Penn Jillette, Thinking Of You

Things People Do Wrong When They Smoke Weed - Questions For Marijuana Dispensary Workers - Thrillist

Have you ever taken such a big hit that you felt your head expand to the point of almost exploding? Me too. Warning: also tends to happen your first time ...

Funny food memes compilation of the day. Check these 24 food memes are that are the best of what the internet has to serve up.

How to Not Smell Like Cannabis After Smoking: 5 Items to Have On-Hand

New place, new laws

Funny Weird Gift Does It Fart Book ...

If you smell: Gas

... quote than a weed meme, but it says quite a bit about how cannabis use is viewed currently in prohibition states, which is more sad-but-true than funny.

Always make sure you keep the water on deck to combat your mouth turning into the Sahara. After all, the last thing we want is to turn into a sponge in a ...

Close-up of male hand in pocket with modern elegant wristwatch. Caucasian businessman wearing

Weird things Norwegians do

Close up of male feet in sneakers walking up the stairs. Athlete man legs running

Funny challenges and games for the groom are the best way to make the bachelor party

You know when you're at a party and pull a joint out, and some guy yells, “What's that smell? Who is smoking MARIJUANA?!?” as he proceeds to come tell you ...

It's time for bed and you feel like your day never started because you didn't have a morning smoke.

This is a random article about funny random things that you can say. I have no clue as to what I am going to write. I guess I will have to go ...

Photo of a mom sitting nose-to-nose with her daughter who is in

Take it one day at a time

everything to do in amsterdam

101 Fun Things to Do in Charlotte

Like a smell, man. You could taste it too, if you really try. No wonder listening to music tops the list of fun things to do while high.

I am super excited that our principal has agreed to purchase a smoker for our culinary competition team.

You openly declare to friends that you're going to quit. Then you try to convince them that they must have dreamed it when they catch you smoking a week ...

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory: Caitlin Doughty: 9780393351903: Amazon.com: Books

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Why do people that suck at rolling always want to roll? I get it, you want to learn to roll a joint. But it's smoking time. Let the pros work.

What To Do If You're Too High On Weed

What's ironic about the inventor of the stop sign?

Hand putting money coin in to the glass jar. Future investment, good profit

There Is No Such Thing as Just One Cigarette

Maybe that post-high stomach ache is from a severe case of the giggles, or from eating a whole box of Pop Tarts. Or a combination of the two.

Intersting Vietnam facts

9 Interesting Things To Do Stoned That Might Help You Get To Know Yourself Better

As you're getting ready to quit smoking, stop buying cartons of cigarettes

Middle three fingers of a hand pressed together, with faces drawn on them to look

The Best Stoner Movies of All Time

10 Things Not to Say to Someone Trying to Quit Smoking

Note card shot close up with white being the predominant color with a black pen

Man smoking and looking upset


weed memes 19. “

Create a smoke-free zone

If You're Going to Try Drugs in College (and Let's Be Honest, You Probably Will), Here's What You Should Know