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Plastic cup greenhouses are perfect for planting with kids An

Plastic cup greenhouses are perfect for planting with kids An


Plastic cup greenhouses are perfect for planting with kids! An excellent Earth Day activity.

mini greenhouse...would be a great project for kids.

Supplies to make mini greenhouses

Glass Greenhouse Source. A greenhouse can help increase plant ...

File:Glasshouse 1-2.jpg

Easy DIY Mini Greenhouse Ideas | Creative Homemade Greenhouses | Balcony Garden Web

15 Most Popular Vegetables And Fruits To Grow In A Green House

Image titled Grow Tomatoes in a Greenhouse Step 1

CC BY 3.0 Samantha

free greenhouse plans

Kid Science: create your own greenhouse to observe the life cycle of a plant .

growing plants in a greenhouse

bottle greenhouse

Left ...

Winter Squash Seedling Basking in the Heat of a Lettuce Box, photo by Rebecca Rockefeller

I had bought this greenhouse kit a while ago from Scholastic for a few dollars, and thought it would be a fun project for the kids and I as a little science ...


Seedlings growing in the GrowEase seed-starting tray

VonHaus 4 Tier Mini Plastic PVC Greenhouse

This compact greenhouse offers 4 shelves where you can grow your garden's plants and vegetables to your heart's content, and can easily be set up on your ...

Greenhouse diagram

There are many greenhouses to choose from... Credit: RHS

Mini-greenhouse ...

Garden Dome Igloo - 12 Ft Stylish Conservatory, Play Area, Greenhouse or Gazebo.

A greenhouse is a major investment for your garden and not easy to move or replace once you've chosen which one to buy. To help you make an informed ...

1.2m W x 0.6m D Mini Greenhouse

Gubler 6-oz Carnivorous Plant in Plastic Pot (Greenhouse)

IKEA SOCKER greenhouse Provides a good environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow.

If you always wanted to have a plastic bottles greenhouse in your garden, but for one reason or another you found it too complicated or expensive to build, ...

Plant protection: polycarbonate cold frames are stronger and lighter than the glass equivalent.

How to Build a $17.50 Greenhouse Without Any Tools

Look at what materials you have on hand and search online for ideas on how to use them most effectively. Did you come across an inspired build? Let us know!

Cartoon of greenhouse. A greenhouse traps the Sun's energy inside and keeps the plants warm

Mini Plastic Greenhouses

What Is A Mini Greenhouse: Information And Plants For Mini Greenhouses

A child uses a squeeze bottle to water her mini greenhouse

My first garden; greenhouse gardening for children.

The 9 Advantages of a Polycarbonate Greenhouse over a Glass One


If you've just returned from the garden centre with your first flytrap, or

Available in a wide selection of size configurations to suit any home gardener's needs, this outdoor greenhouse boasts a durable metal frame featuring ...

Build A Better Greenhouse - An Affordable Small Hobby House!

I like to reuse small fruit or vegie punnets - they are perfect mini greenhouses for

Documents & Downloads

Poly Tunnel greenhouse

Herbs growing on windowsill: thyme, rosemary and oregano

One of our customers, Nature-Watch, provides educational nature products and craft activity kits designed to teach children about nature.

Plastic greenhouses

The No-Budget Windowsill Greenhouse Plan

Greenhouse cropped

TickleMe Plant Deluxe Greenhouse Kit with 6 color Paint Set For Kids of all ages!

cd case greenhouse

Heating with the Greenhouse Effect

Repurpose plastic punnets as mini greenhouses to raise seeds - quick, cheap & easy!

Grow seedlings in recycled containers as greenhouses. Any clear plastic container will do. Use paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls as a pot.

The glass house is the perfect place for the cactus and succulents as it allows in more light but gets cooler faster than our other "plastic" houses.

There are a lot of different benefits to using greenhouse plastic for building your own greenhouse. They are very easy to build and cost much less than a ...

Nature-Watch uses BOTTLEBOX® containers as educational greenhouses


Recreational Greenhouse at Palazzo Parisio, Malta.

bottle greenhouse

Finether Greenhouse

The glass house is the perfect place for the cactus and succulents as it allows in more light but gets cooler faster than our other "plastic" houses.

Click on image to enlarge.

Jiffipots with soil

Mini glasshouse or plant cloches are a great way to give plants an early start in spring, when the weather can still be a little cold for some plants .

Greenhouse Effect

SOCKER Greenhouse

Lacewing™ 6ft x 8ft Essential Greenhouse Starter Kit [GH1431]

Hazel and Company

Growing vegetables in your greenhouse

Garden Grow Deluxe Edition Greenhouse 6x6ft

Lacewing™ 6ft x 6ft Traditional Silver Aluminium Frame Greenhouse [GH0469SILVERA]

Tropicalia exterior

To make a greenhouse for your new plants, place plastic wrap over jars and cups, and secure with a rubber band. This will not only help your plants stay ...

The productive plastic bottle greenhouse, June 2013

7 Ft. W x 8 Ft. D Hobby Greenhouse

Good Greenhouse Hygiene

Growing Beans on Cotton Balls

plastic bottle greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse. PETGreenhouse

Photo of terrarium with succulent plants in a large, round fishbowl.

Easy beginner's gardening project for kids: Grow seedlings in egg cartons.

Palram Harmony Green Greenhouse - 6 x 10ft

We strongly encourage gardening with your children. It's a great way to spend quality time together and it opens their eyes to our natural world and a hobby ...