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Poilu in parade uniform 1916ish inspirations t Wwi

Poilu in parade uniform 1916ish inspirations t Wwi


Two French Poilu of the 43e Regiment d'Infantrie posed in battle dress ready for the front. They could very well be father and son.

A Poilu (French World War I Infantryman) and an American soldier side by side (France). In 1917. WWI (V)

Marie Curie, World War One, First World, Ww1 Soldiers, German Uniforms,

The uniform worn by a British WW1 Soldier on the first day of the Somme offensive.

African-American WWI veteran Leonell Fortier, circa 1918. Note the German helmet he presumably brought home as a war trophy. (Los Angeles Public Library)

WWI Portrait Photo – 88th Division Iowa Doughboy – Died of Spanish Influenza in France, 1918 | WWI - US Army / USMC | Wwi, World War I, World war

WW1: A rather dour portrait of three Tommies leaving for the front, 1915. English battalions, at the beginning of the war, were recruited from specific ...

WWI Studio Portraits of German Soldiers The flowers tucked into their uniforms are an indication that they will be sent to the frontline soon.

WWI; German soldier -Hannoversches Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 16 ©Drake Goodman

World War I French Uniform. The French uniform was characterized by a light blue color

French army uniforms, World War One, 1914. Sadly the red trousers made them easy targets until that was changed.

17 portraits saisissants de Poilus, ces soldats qui ont vécu l'enfer des tranchées de la Première Guerre mondiale | Daily Geek Show

Private No 2296 John (Barney) Hines of the Australian Imperial Force, 45th Battalion

French soldier "Poilu". Ebony McKenna · 1916-ish inspirations

Dishevelled looking Bavarian infantrymen from the 39th Bavarian Reserve Division circa March 1915

ww1 soldiers portrait photo - Google Search German Army, German Uniforms, Military Uniforms,

World War One, First World, Military Art, Military History, German Uniforms,

Georges Scott: Portraitist of the Poilu 1914 1918, Military Art, Military History,

A very nice painting of a French Poilu by W.A.Thorburn

Royal Engineers WW1 uniform


German Soldiers WW1

Marie Curie, Ww1 History, Army Uniform, Military Uniforms, Military Art, Military

German Parade uniform, the brightly colored uniforms of the century were saved for such occassions

Ww1 History, Military History, Ww1 Soldiers, First World, World War One,


Vintage Graphics : Photo Posters Uk, Vintage Posters, Ww1 Propaganda Posters, Military History

Ww1 Battles, German Uniforms, Military Pictures, World War One, German Army,

WW1, French soldier of the 27e RI writes a letter. - Coll Bibliothèque…

ALBERT FRENCH Ww1 Battles, Killed In Action, World War, Belgium, Soldiers,

WWI French Uniform: bright red pants did not allow them to be camouflage they were

Superb postcard of a very young boy soldier....school cadet corps.

Kilpaints: WWI Early German research German Uniforms, Austro Hungarian, Army Uniform, World

Erich Ludendorff, World War One general and nationalist. He was involved in the Beer

Poilu, WWI French soldier

French poilu, 1914 War Image, Harbin, First World, World War One,

World War 1 Highlanders in Color!

WW1 "Souvenir de la Campagne 1914-1915", French Poilus

Poilu (Fr: pwa-ly) an informal term for a French infantryman, meaning, literally, "hairy one". It is still used as a term of endearment for the French ...

Imperial Artilleryman

Ww2 Uniforms, Wwii, Luftwaffe, World War, Warriors, World War Ii,

Christmas at the Front: British soldiers bringing in mistletoe. December 1914. Christmas Truce

British WW1 "36th Ulster Division"

The teenage soldiers of World War One

Tranchée Française

Henry Egerton Whitgreave, Killed in Action July 1, 1916. First day of the

13226683_1704405489810675_7454309688796657854_n.jpg (726×960) The Great, World War One, Military

Imperial Russia Army - Officer with Sword. Classic double breasted, double button row tunic. Note oval cap badge. WW1.


World War One, First World, Global Conflict, Military History, Ww1 History,

WWI Austro-Hungarian Zugsfuhrer (NCO), K.u.K. Feldjager Battalion, Eastern Front 1917

Military Art, Military History, German Uniforms, Military Uniforms, Austro Hungarian, World War One, Cold War, German Army, Historical Photos

French soldiers in uniform at the time of mobilization, August 1914 (coloured photo)

Doughboy WWI with U.S. Rifle Caliber .30 M1903

French Army, European History, World War One, Wwi, Panorama, Aussi,

Wargaming historyczno-fantastyczny Army Uniform, Military Uniforms, Military Art, Military History,

Karl von Bülow March 1846 – 31 August was a German Field Marshal commanding the German Army during World War I from 1914 to - From Wikipedia

ww1 - Tirailleur Senegalais - Western Front 1916

Paul von Hindenburg. Dave Peschke · Uniforms of WWI

A soldier of the Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) arriving home on leave during the First World War.

Austrian Feldkurat, Isonzo front, 1917 Military Art, Military History, Military Uniforms,


French soldiers wait in their trenches at the Western Front during the First World War, circa WWII. Ebony McKenna · 1916-ish inspirations

The poilu with the rifle. Year 1914.


A German soldier with a saw tooth bayonet stands in a dugout wearing his brow plate slid down to his neck, ...

World War 1 Sutherland Highlander. This is not my grandfather but this was his uniform

A Soldier In The Royal Engineers In France Ww1 Soldiers, Wwi, World War One

Arthur Freiherr Arz von Straußenburg (16 June 1857 – 1 June 1935) was an

WWI, 1915, France; British Red Cross soldiers. World War One, Red


1918 to 2017: Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I and Veteran's Day

A hitherto unpublished photograph from the exhibition of the French army in the First World War

Luvable Friends Printed Fleece Blanket, Birds

French Poilu 1914. Poilu is an informal term for a French World War I infantryman

A Soldier In The 5th London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade). Ww1 Soldiers,

World War I, British Soldier, British Army, Military Uniforms, Usmc, Marines

Russian World War One Uniforms

French Wartime Postcard Reading “We know how to defend against the invader”, c. WWI Sentimental use of children for patriotic inspirations

World War One, First World, Black Watches, Total War

Scottish kilt. A kilt apron was used to replace the sporran and protected the kilt when in the line. Scottish soldiers would carry gas in small bags over ...

Spanish Foreign Legion, uniforms are a bit too flashy for me but hot damn those men are fiiinnnee

The Adrian Helmet was designed and introduced during 1915 in France for World War I, ...

ma Grand-Mère paternelle(née en 1902) m'a raconté avoir vu

French WW1 Postcard. Ww2 Posters, Triple Entente,

Part I, Sir Douglas Haig (1861-1928) Field Marshal Lord Haig replaced

French Armed Forces, History Images, French Army, Historical Pictures, First World

Australian soldiers pose for a candid photograph in the captured Turkish trenches at Lone Pine,

Lovely Vintage Photos of Soldiers and Their Girls during WWI Wwi, Vancouver, Victorian Era

World War I. French soldiers in a trench during winter Ww1 History, Military History

Mutantbaboon *

Ottoman troops in Gallipoli, November 1915

[IMG] World War One, First World, French Colonial, Wwii, French

SS-Obersturmführer der Reserve Walter Gerth - Chef 7./SS-Panzer Artillerie

German WW1 imperial army breast shield trench guard stormtroops Kaiserreich

WW1 postcard soldier with three wound stripes. Bonus Army, World War One, First

US Marine, World War 1.

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