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Rare 18th Century Carved Wooden and Bone Doll with Articulated Arms

Rare 18th Century Carved Wooden and Bone Doll with Articulated Arms


Rare 18th Century Carved Wooden and Bone Doll with Articulated Arms 2000/3000

Early German Carved Wooden Character with Extraordinary Expression 1600/2300 Probably 18th.C.

Rare Antique Georgian Wooden Doll 18 th Century

Very Rare and Artistic Early Carved Wooden Articulated Lady with Provenance. 18" ...

The Legendary Spielzeug Museum of Davos: 187 Early Carved Wooden Doll with Unusual Leg Construction


Rare 10 1 2 Handpainted Handmade clothes Chisel Doll with Wooden Head

Roman bone articulated doll from the 2nd century #AncientCivilizations #AncientDolls

Antique 18thc Wooden Lady Doll with Glass Eyes and Carved Hair Probably Creche

Artist Mannequin, Victorian Dolls, Vintage Dolls, Antique Dolls, Fabric Dolls, Paper Dolls, Assemblage, Beautiful Dolls, Puppets, Vintage Toys, Dolls, ...

Folk carved wooden doll depicting young child, cotton dress tied around center, strung arms

Folk Art Americana Dolls wooden boy girl articulated arms antique Rare Find! #FolkArt Southwest

FOLKSY WOODEN DOLL, American, mid-late 19th century Antique Toys, Vintage Antiques

Rare Antique English Wooden Doll 18th Century

Lot 0201: Rare Antique Lombok And Bali Island Bone Ancestor

Antique Vintage 19" Peg Jointed Carved Wood Figure Doll Mannequin Missing Leg

Folk Art Dolls

Very rare antique carved wooden doll with glass eyes dates to the 18th century

18th Century Early English Wooden Doll in Very Rare Grand Size~~~29"

Antique Doll Peg Wooden Jointed Doll Original Clothes 1800's. Antique Dolls, Wooden Dolls,

Antique Victorian Carved Wooden Weather Vane Figure with Articulated Limbs | Antiques, Woodenware, Carved Figures/Models | eBay!

Outstanding Early English Wooden Lady with Original Costume and Luxury Details

6" Vintage Primitive Hand Carved Wood Wooden Multi-Jointed Man Doll

Carved Primitive Wooden Puppet Doll. This appears to be a hand carved wooden puppet style

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Primitive Articulated Figure, Solid Carved Boxwood, Northern European, c.1860, 13.50

Rare Early 18th Century Carved Wooden Doll, Walking Mechanism, Provenance. Nov 3-

Rare 18th Century 1740s Beautiful Large Santos Cage Doll Glass Eyes- pariscoutureantiques.com Old

1760's Queen Anne Type Antique English Wood 19" doll BLK Glass Eyes Old Dolls,

A very rare very early German wooden doll - She almost looks like a portrait doll

MOST BEAUTIFUL BRU JNE BEBE SIZE 11. Bru kid bebe body with kid- over

Philippines Lovely Antique Bell-Type Immaculada Santo w/ Fish Bone Face RARE 15”

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Large Antique Grodnertal Wooden Doll Unusual Hairstyle c1830

18th c Old Dolls, Antique Dolls, Vintage Dolls, 18th Century Costume, Wooden

Outstanding 18th Century English Wooden Doll "Nellie" in Grand Size, Provenance 26,000/

Antique Penny Peg Erzgebirge Doll Jointed Articulated Germany Wooden Green Dress

LISTING 2 OF 2 - Louis Doleac French Fashion 18 1/2 with Jointed Wood Body and Elaborate Wardrobe

Theriault's - 18th ce german all-wooden articulated carved character doll, 14" Victorian

American Primitive Gallery LARGE WOOD DOLL Carved wood figure with old painted surface. Pieced wood with articulated arms and legs and detailed carving to ...

This old girl (guy? is a little beat up, but a folk art treasure. Wooden dancing doll, fully articulated, with only the upper part of one arm remaining and ...

Early English Wooden Doll with Fine Original Finish and Beauty Marks Also antique clothing, rare pannier also prob. Shaped bosom and breasts, simply carved ...

Tears for Mina - March 2018 at the Hyatt Coconut Point, Naples, FL: 95 Century English Wooden Doll with Enamel Eyes

French Bisque Musical Automaton "Pastry Chef with Surprise" by Leopold Lambert with Rare 203 Art Character Face

15" All carved wooden doll, inset black enamel eyes, all-around dot

Rare 18th Century Carved Wooden and Bone Doll with Articulated Arms 2000/3000 | Wooden | Pinterest.

Rare Early All-Carved Wooden Doll with Most Expressive Face and Fine Early Costume

View Catalog Item - Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions - two rare early wooden dolls

Wood Polychrome Santos Figure Antique


Early Carved Bone Doll with Swivel Waist and Sculpted Crown

For the Love of the Ladies - Marquis Antique Doll Auction by Theriault's - issuu

Very Fine French Bebe with Original Rare Body by Petit & Dumoutier

Extremely Rare French Bisque Art Character, Model 219, from the Jumeau 200 Series

Rare 18th Century Large Antique Carved Wooden Jointed Doll 67cm/26 Inch | eBay Antique

Antique Buckeye Wood & Cloth Rare Tiny Kentucky Poppet Doll Hand Carved Folk Art American

Antique Doll Joel Ellis 1873 1893 Hand Carved Wood Articulated Jointed Limbs | eBay Old Dolls

Northern Italy,18th century fashion doll. 26" Costume of woven silk with homespun

18th Century Wooden Doll with Distinctive Profile

1860's Very Rare Articulated Model Mannequin Artist Lay Figure Skeleton

Rare French Bisque Bebe by Leon Casimir Bru with Painted Teeth and Rare Body Label

Bone figurines of the early Islamic period: the so called "Coptic dolls" from Palestine and Egypt | Ariel shatil - Academia.edu

Antique Folk Art Carved Doll, Carved in the round, 19th Century, angle view

Huge Antique Peg Wooden Doll 21" Original Paint Over 100 Years Old | eBay Peg

RARE Early 1800s Peg Jointed Antique Victorian Wooden Queen Anne Doll Glass Eyes | eBay Old

Rare Antique English Wooden Doll 18th Century


Handmade Doll Old Dolls, Outsider Art, Antique Toys, Vintage Toys, Objet D

A Century wooden dancing doll with painted features and jointed body, height approx (playwear and lacking arms).

1800s Old Antique Folk Art Wood Carved Doll 19thC Original Paint Primitive Doll | eBay Antique

19th C American Folk Art Doll Articulated Figure Carving Antique MO Primitive


A Matter of Circumstance: 196 18th Century Continental Carved Wooden Marionette with Glass Eyes Creepy

19th-Century French Carved Bone Miniature Toilette

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Very Rare Petite German Bisque Doll with Articulated Wooden Body and Original Costume

Primitive doll wooden with jointed arms and legs by ThisandThat4U, $82.95 Peg Wooden Doll,

Unusual 19th C. Hand-Carved Kneeling Santos on Wood Stand, Articulated Arms ~

Petite German Bisque Art Character "Gretchen", Model 114, by K*R, with Rare Glass Eyes

Beautiful French Bisque Bebe by Joanny with Rare Bisque Lower Arms

English Wooden Doll of the Mid-18th Century

Pin by Theriault's on "Landmark" - January 12, 2019 | Pinterest | Dolls, Peg wooden doll and Wooden dolls

Early Grodnertal Wooden Doll with Full Articulated Body and Superbly Painted Hair

Antique Horn Scrimshaw Snuff Box.

18th Century Jesus Christ Child Mannequin Lay Figure Articulated Carved Wood Doll

Continental Antique 18th Century, Mannequin Lay Figure Articulated Carved Wood Doll

Two Early Japanese Carved Bone Miniature Acrobat Toys


Rare Early French Bisque Poupee by Leon Casimir Bru with Wooden Articulated Arms

Extremely Rare German Bisque Art Character, Model 102, by Kammer and Reinhardt

Early Wax Doll with Wooden Articulated Body

Rare And Beautiful French Bisque Bebe EJA by Emile Jumeau

Very Rare and Delightful German Bisque Character, 8050, by Gebruder Heubach

German Wooden Grodnertal Doll with Yellow Comb

Outstanding Early Carved Doll with Sculpted Head and Hands, Wooden Cage Body

1860's Very Rare Articulated Model Mannequin Artist Lay Figure Skeleton

1860's Jenny Lind China Head Doll with Cloth Body And rare wooden lower arms with scoop hands and wooden legs with original feet - SOLD

GERMANY KRAHMER WOODEN Head Girl Doll in Box - 13" tall - $100.00 | PicClick | Wooden carved dolls | Pinterest

18th-Century Poured Wax Miniature Bristle Doll and Bone Piano