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Takeru Satoh Japanese Drama Stars in 2018 t Takeru

Takeru Satoh Japanese Drama Stars in 2018 t Takeru



Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto InfernoThe Legend Ends, Red Carpet Premiere Takeru Sato.jpg

Japanese actor Takeru Satoh becomes South Korean search hit after MAMA appearance

Takeru Sato portrayed the main protagonist Ryotaro Nogami in Kamen Rider Den-O. Sato has been active as a movie actor for the past few years and honed his ...

Takeru Satoh

takeru sato for Céci

Sato Takeru

"Sato Takeru". I can steal anything I want. - Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis. Japanese

Takeru Sato

Sato Takeru & Takahashi Issei to star in new movie "Oku Otoko"

Sato was also asked about his ideal date. He stated that he wanted to go where his date wanted to. But if was something like a proposal, he would want to go ...

Living in the moment: Takeru Sato discusses the remarkable story behind his new role

Pechumori Japanese Drama, Japanese Men, Takeru Sato, Gackt, Rurouni Kenshin, Got7

Takeru Satoh Japanese Boy, Takeru Sato, Gackt, Kamen Rider, Hyde, Asian

Nakamura showed a photo of the pair together, finally reunited after a long 10 years. He commented “Nothing has changed.” and “He's a cool man, ...

佐藤健 Takeru Satoh

Takeru Satoh

Takeru Sato

Miura Shohei, Sato Takeru ,and more gather for ONE OK ROCK Taka's birthday

SATO TAKERU Japanese Babies, Saitama, Haruma Miura, Takeru Sato, Japanese Drama,

Actor Model, Takeru Sato, Rurouni Kenshin, Asian Actors, Japanese, Bishounen,

#Sato_Takeru #Actor #Takeru_Sato Takeru Sato, Rurouni Kenshin, Asian Actors, Asian

Japanese Guys, Takeru Sato, Rurouni Kenshin, Beautiful People, Idol, Pretty People, Japanese Language

Takeru Sato (as Kenshin Himura in Rurouni Kenshin) i like it Rurouni Kenshin Movie

2018 Japanese Thriller Movies! Most Anticipated Films

Takeru Sato stars in Ajin:Demi-Human Live-Action Film

... and Takeru Satoh, who portrayed Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O, recently reunited on January 22, 2018. Nakamura tweeted about the in-person reunion, ...

Park Bo Gum poses with Japanese actor Takeru Satoh at '2017 MAMA' in Japan

Miura Haruma Haruma Miura, Takeru Sato, Japanese Drama, Dream Guy, Hot Boys

2018 Japanese Mystery Movies! Top New Recommendation Films

The Takeru Satoh photo exhibit, hosted by Satoh's agency Amuse, Inc., featured select photos from his recently-published photo book titled Hanbun, Aoi, ...

Kamen Rider · Takeru Satoh ...

Takeru Sato 佐藤健

... Sato Takeru! tkr. tkr Japanese Boy, Japanese Drama, Dramas, Idole, Asian Actors, Korean Actors

Takeru Sato

Isamu Himura, einer der Protagonisten der Seelenwächter-Trilogie.

Takeru Satoh at Rurouni Kenshin press conference in Manila, Philippines, in August 2014

Takeru Satoh More

Inuyashiki Poster

Takeru Sato

SOTA FUKUSHI Japanese Drama, Japanese Boy, Asian Men, Asian Boys,

Sato Takeru · #Sato_Takeru #Actor #Takeru_Sato Asian Boys, Asian Men, Japanese Drama, Japanese

Actress/model Nagano Mei is starring in the NHK morning drama “Hanbun, Aoi” (Half, Blue).

Inuyashiki Takeru Sato, Drama, Dramas

My Kenshin calendar from Japan. Sato Takeru ...


Sato Takeru More

Takeru Sato, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai, Kamen Rider, Asian Actors, Japanese Artists

Three live action adaptations that star Takeru Satoh, Mahiro Takasugi, and Ryo Yoshizawa are creating a lot of buzz in the J-ent universe! One of Japan's ...

Takeru Satoh

Take in 2018! @takeruroni in instagram. Nilfa 25 · Takeru Sato

2, 2015 credit: weibo satoh takeru ”

Find this Pin and more on Takeru Satoh by Rena.

佐藤健 Takeru Sato. #佐藤健 Takeru Sato Japanese Drama ...

It doesn't belong to me. I love him ;* Miura Haruma

UUU-H! Takeru SatoGacktAsian ...


Inuyashiki cast - live action: Takeru Satoh


Takeru Sato

Satoh Takeru Asia Fanpage

Cat's actually writing a stalkers guide on an actor older than 25? Well... I can't deny that I have a soft spot for the somewhat newer ...

Sato Takeru Asian Men, Asian Guys, Takeru Sato, Rurouni Kenshin, Japanese Men

Sato Takeru

Japanese Boy, Takeru Sato, Kubota, Kento

Takeru Sato Man Japan, Takeru Sato, Gackt, Rurouni Kenshin, Japanese Men,

Japanese Drama, Japanese Men, Man Japan, Takeru Sato, Rurouni Kenshin, Kpop

Sato Takeru Saitama, Haruma Miura, Takeru Sato, Gackt, Rurouni Kenshin, Kamen

Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura Aunque debo reconocer que me gusta el actor por el personaje

Takeru Sato

Takeru Sato

Takeru sato

Takeru Sato


5 razones que usted necesita para empezar a ver Partners By Blood ASAP Takeru Sato,

The Takeru Satoh photo exhibit, hosted by Satoh's agency Amuse, Inc., featured select photos from his recently-published photo book titled Hanbun, Aoi, ...

... Takeru sato by Jayavila. Bakuman

The summer 2018 J-doramas are done or nearly done with airing and there were three big name cast ones caught my eye. Ueno Juri was back with the J-remake of ...

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21 years old. Carol Manongsong-Encarnado · Sato Takeru

Nickname: Takeru, Saru Date of birth: March 21 1989. Birth place: Iwatsuki, Saitama, Japan Blood Type: A Height: 1.7m (170cm) Profession: Actor

Sato Takeru

“Junon 09-2013 [Sato Takeru (Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru)] ” Takeru Sato as Aki Ogasawara from “The Liar and His Lover”.

#takeru#satoh#佐藤健 #カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる Japanese Boy

たーちゃん Saitama, Japanese Love, Takeru Sato, Gackt, Nihon, Asian

Actor News

Sato Takeru

Saving this for a character design. Good base for Mizu Kakihara… (Miura Haruma)

Satoh Takeru, rising actor in Japan, best known for his role in the live action film of famous Manga "Rurouni Kenshin".

Half, Blue - Half, Blue Japan Drama - Mei Nagano is cast in NHK's 98th asadora “Half, Blue”

Abe Hiroshi from "Legend of the Demon Cat" at Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo

A Stalker's Guide to Sato Takeru

Takeru Sato

Takeru Sato

Top 10 Most handsome Japanese actors in 2018

Sato Takeru to star in Fuji TV's war drama