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The FlipaChip activity provides handson practice with affixes and

The FlipaChip activity provides handson practice with affixes and



Graph - Write; Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes Foldables; Greek and Latin Roots Interactive Notebook Activity by Lovin' Lit

Hands on activity: Students build words using prefixes and suffixes! $

ELA Word Wall for Roots and Affixes

This is a set of word working activities for suffixes tion. Provide extra practice with these fun and engaging activities that have the "shun" sound!

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots contains graphic organizers, puzzles, and fun hands-

Use Sentence Writing Practice on VocabularySpellingCity.com to allow students create meaningful sentences using spelling

FREE 3 partner games for word wall practice. Also good for content area vocabulary!

Pupils can then drag a word and a prefix into the box at the bottom of the screen. The word can then be checked to see if it is correct.

Golden Gang Kindergarten: The Napping House (math)--addition and subtraction

Prefixes and Suffixes contains graphic organizers, mini posters, and fun hands-on activities

8/18/08Office of Instructional Technology and Media9 Interactives on Thinkfinity Content Area GradeDescription

This is a set of word working activities for suffixes sion. Provide extra practice with

An entire year of word study for 3rd grade. Assessment, homework and word sorts included. So worth paying for!

This suffix activity pack provides kids with practice working with the suffixes -full and -less.This is a one-page document that is a freebie f.

Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Teaching Roots and Affixes | Word Work | Teaching, Prefixes, Vocabulary

Practice identifying synonym words with this Synonym Blocks Matching Game. It can be used as an independent activity or children can work with a partner.

Greek and Latin Root Word Study Differentiated, CCSS Aligned Latin Root Words, Spelling Words

20 cool, new, totally fun ways to learn spelling words, practice sight words

Learning About Prefixes and Suffixes {FREE Learning Pack} - This Reading Mama Suffixes Worksheets

"Chop the log"-- dividing words up by finding prefixes and suffixes (

Winter craftivity that focuses on prefixes and suffixes! Two versions are included. Students can either work with the affixes shown, or use a blank version ...

Word Wall partner games Word Work Activities, Reading Activities, Guided Reading, Teaching Reading


30 Spelling Made Fun Cards--Free Printables Spelling And Grammar, English Spelling,

Prefixes and Suffixes Anchor Chart {plus FREE task cards!} | Prefixes, Suffixes, Word Roots | Prefixes, Prefixes, Suffixes, Anchor charts

Root Words Activities: 10 Root Words Games

Here's a fun activity to show your child how to use prefixes and root words to

Complete the activities as listed on this pin.

Printable Prefix and Suffix Matching Activity ~ Practices with the prefixes [re, pre,

This is a set of word working activities for suffixes cian. Provide extra practice with these fun and engaging activities that have the "shun" sound!

Color-coded Reading Rods are perfect for teaching 2nd Grade and 3rd grade students about

Root Words, Roots and Affixes | Reading Rockets

Cut It, Grow It, Build It, Roll It: 4 Fantastic Hands On Activities For Teaching Prefixes And Suffixes

Wacky Web Tales is a game like Mad Libs. There are also a couple games

FREE 5 Prefix, Suffix, and Roots Worksheets with Answer Keys

Latin Root Memory FREEBIE- This game allows students to practice 15 Latin roots! Latin

Suffixes tion, cian, and sion. Provide some extra practice with this fun and engaging word sorting activity! This set includes: cian, sion and tion word ...

These parts of speech word sorts are a hands-on way for learners to analyze

The Flip-a-Chip activity provides hands-on practice with affixes and roots

Need new ways to learn Vocabulary words? Check out these 10 fun hands on games for working on vocabulary words!

Prefix & Suffix Activities & Practice–1st-3rd Grade Prefix & Suffix Worksheets

Here's a set of hands-on activities to learn and practice decoding CCVe words (


This website has lists of prefixes and suffixes and their meanings and examples (as well as sample worksheets to use)

Prefix and Suffix (Freebie)

Top Ten Ways to Practice Spelling Words - Thank goodness I found this! My kids

Geometry - Math Vocabulary Trading Cards - Math Games and Lesson Plan from FunToTeachStore on TeachersNotebook.com (26 pages)

Use this multiple choice worksheet to easily quiz or assess your students on their level of understanding of prefixes and suffixes.


ABC order practice worksheets that are hands on - kids can move the words around until

Analyzing Prefixes and Suffixes with Concept Circles! This blog post contains a FREE download with

Prefix and Suffix Leaves (free)

Click the Suffix Division Game image to begin deconstructing words by identifying their suffixes.

Amazon.com: Making Words Fifth Grade: 50 Hands-On Lessons for Teaching Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots (9780205581023): Patricia M. Cunningham, ...

Spelling practice doesn't have to be boring! This post is full of ideas

Practice syllables in a flash with this free download. Hands-on syllable activity for kids.

I have who has Prefixes - Vocabulary $ Common Core Language Arts, Teaching Language Arts

The working time with our after reading activities took up the bulk of our time.

Prefix, Suffix, and Roots Printables - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins

Prefix & Suffix Game for Kids - Prefixes & Suffixes Practice Exercise Activity Computer

Interactive Notebook Prefix/Suffix Flower Freebie. Prefixes And Suffixes ...

Vocabulary, Roots, Vocabulary Words

PREFIX ACTIVITIES- UN, RE, PRE, DIS - TeachersPayTeachers.com

All Students Can Shine: Sight Words & Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe FREEBIE

Spelling Menus- exit tickets for spelling groups First Grade Spelling, Spelling Practice, Spelling

Hydr - Water; Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes Foldables; Greek and Latin Roots Interactive Notebook Activity by Lovin' Lit

Offers a school and home connection. The teacher uploads the spelling list and the student can then access it at home to practice.

Two Can Do It: Write-O Writing Activities

5 Ways To Have K-2 Students Practice Breaking Apart Words

Great Vocabulary ideas 4th Grade Ela, Math Night, Vocabulary Activities, Tic Tac Toe

Crickweb | KS2 Literacy | Speech Practice | Sc..

Picture Elements Of Literature, Teaching Tools, Teaching Resources, Writing Resources, Teaching Ideas

Slide6 Receptive Language, Speech And Language, Language Arts, Multiple Meaning Words, Reading

Arcademic Skill Builders - Fun Educational Games for Kids | Speech Practice | Scoop.it

Separating Syllables #2 | Reading Worksheets | Worksheets, Syllable, Reading worksheets

... Flip a Chip UN & RE Prefix Center Activities including Scoot

Use the meanings of word origins (roots), prefixes and suffixes to collect mushrooms and progress through the levels. Instructions: Press play now Select ...

A great online tool for uploading, storage and sharing documents by link or QR code. Simply upload your item to generate both to share.

Sight Words, also known as the Dolch List are an integral part in learning how

Greek And Latin root & affixes Ppt

I made this activity for my students to practice reading words (1 and 2 syllable) and identifying if it contains an AR, OR or ER r-controlled syllable.

The student will identify the meaning of homographs.

Essential Practice # 3 vocabulary

... ELA Word Wall for Roots and Affixes

Using paint strip samples ...have the kids find synonyms for some of their

Marzano's Six Step Poster for Vocabulary Instruction Academic Vocabulary, Vocabulary Words, Vocabulary Instruction,

Teach with Portals Portal II: A fun adventure game tells a hilarious story while providing

Comparatives and superlatives

Prefix Poker - All Products. Jacqueline Garza · Roots & Affixes

This FREE SAMPLE gives you TWO WEEKS of word work activities (Mon-Thurs) practice. You can use these in so many ways: word work center, homework, ...

Subjects and Predicates game pack $4.00 Grammar Activities, Reading Activities, Teaching Reading, Subject

Idioms - I'm going to do this every 4 weeks with my idiom of the week lessons.

The word that your right hand is closest to is

A useful fractions activity. You can either read fractions or make equivalents. A good

Resources I have found especially helpful as we have integrated Greek and Latin Root Words into our daily learning.

Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in

Literacy Center Cards

Ford's Board

Suffixes Word Endings (-s, -es) (-s, -ed, -ing) (-er, -est) - RF.1.3f, RF2.3d | Free Printables | Words, Teaching, Word work