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The Moff Matt and Karen Dr Who t

The Moff Matt and Karen Dr Who t


Doctor Who's new companion unveiled as 21-year-old Karen Gillan

Cast of Doctor Who- Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill

Doctor Who: Karen Gillan and Matt Smith

Karen Gillan responds to Who fans that think Moffat can't write women | SYFY WIRE

We've jumped ahead to a point in time when the Ponds (or the Williamses) are having marital trouble and getting a divorce. Meanwhile, the Doctor ( Matt ...

The announcement ...

There's a reason the Doctor loves her..... Karen Sheila Gillan,

Doctor Who - Series 5 Review

Doctor Who and A Passionate Woman

Karen has harbored a huge crush on me for nine months. I've been fending her off-she's over there!

Karen Gillan has hailed the story arc and finalé of her first series of Doctor Who.

All by himself: The Doctor is without a companion (Image: BBC)

If Amy and the Doctor swapped hair :D

David Tennant,Karen Gillan,Arthur Darvill,Matt Smith

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are turned to the side and smiling as if taking a

Doctor Who Matt Smith Final Episode

Karen Gillen Karen Sheila Gillan, Karen Gillan, Stirling, Models, Scarlett, Doctor

Karen ...

Matt Smith/Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan on set filming "Dr Who", the first episode of series 5, entitled "The Eleventh Hour".

Karen Gilian, Whoopi Goldber Matt Smith, When Doctor Who meets Star Trek The Next Generation ! Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, 2014

Matt and Karen - Doctor Who cutest picture of him and karen Will Smith, Matt

doctor who, matt smith, and karen gillan image

After surprising the Doctor Who fandom (and upstaging Dan Harmon) by announcing he would be leaving the show at the end of this year, Matt Smith has ...

Doctor Who (2005) - S11E04

4. The ...

Alex Kingston (River Song) and Matt Smith (Eleven) - Doctor Who -- rehearsal dinner dress :) | Dr. Who and all things sci fi | Doctor Who, Matt smith, ...

Matt Smith and Karen Gillian in front of the TARDIS

Doctor Who's 50th anniversary stirs up old battle

Matt Smith as The Doctor - image from Blogtor Who

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as The Doctor and Amy Pond. Picture from Blogtor Who

Matt Smith showed his gratitude for his fans in the message on the BBC's official Doctor Who website

Or take the latest companion: Clara cannot live and die hundreds of times for her good buddy the Doctor (who she'd known for, what, a month?) and then ...

The seventh season of DOCTOR WHO since the series regeneration premieres in Great Britain on Sept. 1. In the past, the show has debuted here in the USA on ...

'When I finished reading the last script, I was a wreck': Coleman wears a coat by Louis Vuitton. Photograph: Lara Jade for the Observer

Matt Smith as an old Doctor

5. The Angels Take Manhatten

Karen Gillan, Karen Sheila Gillan

Photos - Matt Smith and Karen Gillan - Wizard World Chicago

A woman with red hair wearing a policewoman's costume looks alarmed. In front of her. Karen Gillan and Matt ...

Full marks to the Moff-ia. Matt Smith is brilliant. Mad as a box of cats, authoritative, and (I think) funny. I can't be quite sure because I watched with a ...

I don't see this as a flaw in the episode, however; merely a flaw in the Doctor.

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A man with short brown hair appears to be talking.

'The ...

The Eleventh Hour – first reactions

And so it goes, the end of the Ponds on Doctor Who. This story was not one of the Doctor's sacrifices, not one of loneliness and corruption resulting from a ...

The Rebel Flesh etc, right?

SDCC - Assorted HQ Pics - Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and Karen Gillan

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Steven Moffat: 'I was the original angry Doctor Who fan' | Television & radio | The Guardian

Caro, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Moffat

Image ...

Thanks to the farfarawaysite.com, below are some HQ pics from San Diego Comic-Con featuring Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and Karen Gillan - right click and ...

Doctor Who 50th anniversary: the weekend in trailers | Television & radio | The Guardian

Matt Smith is The Doctor in The Beast Below. Picture c. The BBC

doctor who, matt smith, and karen gillan image

Fisher in September 2013

'Doctor Who' Stars Lead 'ComicCon'-Esque Invasion

The Friday Docback Climbs Into "The Face of Evil"!! DOCTOR WHO Story #89, A New Season/Series Seven Companion For Matt And More!!

"You've got a time machine. I've got a gun. Let's kill Hitler!" With those words, Doctor Who blasts back on to UK TV screens on Saturday 27 August on BBC1 ...

So ...

For ...

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Doctor Who Recap: Out With the Young, In With the New -- Grade Matt Smith's Swan Song

After several years of sterling service and two highly successful series of Doctor Who books the BBC suddenly withdrew their license.

Merrick here…

'Doctor Who': 'The Eleventh Hour' review

Not that it was difficult with this particular individual. As wonderful as Amy Pond is, and I'll get to her, I'm really sorry that we're not going to get ...

Doctor Who (7.5): It's enough to make an Angel weep

The lovely Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond in Doctor Who, has quashed the recent tabloid rumors that Matt Smith will be quitting Doctor Who an the end of ...

I ...

'The Day of the Doctor' (Photo: BBC)

YOU ...

Doctor Who episode

Courtesy of Wizard World, below are photos of Matt Smith (love the glasses) and Karen Gillan at this weekend's Chicago Comic Con. Larger versions are in the ...

Doctor Who S6, Ep 11:

Questions from the audience were wide and varied including a few attempts to get 50th Anniversary information from the Moff - which failed miserably.

Peter ...

There's a popular joke I've seen floating around on Tumblr for a while now. It goes like this:

Steven Moffat in David Tennant's TARDIS

The Friday Docback Is Swayed By 'The Time Meddler'!! DOCTOR WHO Story #17, Season/Series 7.

Karen Gillan Tapped As New “Doctor Who” Companion

A brief stop for a glass of cola - no time for lunch - and it was off to the final panel of the day: "Doctor Who Uncut".

The 50th anniversary of the Doctor Who franchise is still a ways off — it arrives in 2013, to be exact — but the BBC series' current executive producer has ...


Doctor Who - Series 7

amy pond arthur darvill billie piper doctor who karen gillan rory williams the doctor - 5419651584

The Impossible Truth, in a glass of water. Not many people see it. But you do. Don't you, Doctor?

Matt Smith Leaving Is Not Doctor Who's Biggest Problem; Three Things the Show Can Do to Get Back On Track

Doctor Who episode

Matt Damon Suggests Gay Actors Stay in Closet: 'People Shouldn't Know Anything About Your Sexuality'

'Doctor Who': Matt Smith On Sticking Around, Says The Show Will Keep Getting 'Bigger And Bigger' | HuffPost

The new Doctor Who: Matt Smith!

doctor who, matt smith, and karen gillan image

The first month of the year finds fans of Doctor Who looking behind them for classic series nuggets while simultaneously looking to the future with eager ...