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This is a 4 Pack of fraction activities for your class I use them

This is a 4 Pack of fraction activities for your class I use them


This is a 4 Pack of fraction activities for your class! I use them as fraction tubs and rotate my students through them. They can be done whole g.

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31 Activities and Resources for Teaching Fractions in the Classroom

Fractions anchor chart - simplify for 1st grade, but I like the vocabulary they include!

This fun and easy to use set of 10 puzzles is a great way to evaluate students' understanding! Or a fun multiplying fractions activity to use when you need ...

Want a fun, low-prep equivalent fractions game to use in your math centers. Read it

Fraction Activity Pack

FREE Fun Fractions with M&Ms - Materials Needed: 1 snack pack of M&M candies (per student) My students ALWAYS love this lesson! I've successfully completed ...

Unit Fractions Posters

Chocolate Fractions Pack

Contact Support. Teaching Math · Teaching Fractions ...

Fraction Board Game

Fraction Activity Pack

The Fractions Pack

Fraction Activity Pack

Great freebie fraction activity! Over 25,000 downloads so far! Teaching Fractions, Math Fractions

I LOVE FRACTION TILES AND FRACTION STRIPS! Do you use them with your class? I can't tell you how many schools and classrooms I've been in and found UNOPENED ...

A two-player game to practice fraction recognition. Roll two dice, slide them together to make a fraction, find the fraction on the game board. 1.50

FREE Printable Fraction Flowers - what a fun way for visualize fractions (math, math activity, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 1st grade)

Fraction Activity Pack

Equivalent Fractions Game of 'Spoons' | Fractions | Pinterest | Fractions, Math and Fraction games

It is finally time for one of my favorite math units!! Fractions!!! Last week we kicked off our unit with food. My boys love to eat, and if we get to have ...

Fraction of the Day - Third Grade - Use denominators 2, 3, 4,

Fraction Activity Pack

Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Bingo

Find Equivalent Fractions Differentiated Worksheet / Activity Sheet Pack, worksheet, Simplifying Fractions

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Cards

Fraction Activity Pack

FREE Equivalent Fractions activity (Pizza Fraction Fun). Great homework practice after class makes their own fraction strips- Lora Ashley

Fraction Construction is an exciting partner math game for comparing fractions with different denominators. What's

Math Investigation – Exploring Fractions

Do you have students that struggle with fractions? Try out this daily fraction printable to

Fraction Activity Pack

Fraction Concepts Day 2! Conceptions, Misconceptions, and Mathematical Language

Your kids will have fun learning fractions with these FREE Fraction Worksheets from Worksheet.

Smart Smarties Fraction Fun FREE

Fraction Activity Pack

Fractions ...

Use these awesome worksheets to build and grow number sense in your math class!

Fraction Activity Pack

$5 This product is a "Number of the Day" for fractions. There are

Fraction Games Mega Pack

Use in third grade. Give students 12 pieces of paper and ask them to cut

Year 3 Fractions Tenths Task Setter Powerpoint Activity Pack - year 3, year three,

Family Math Night For Big Kids

Fraction Activity Pack

Free Fraction Strips: Use these reproducible fraction strips to help your students to conceptualize the

Hands-On Fractions Fun

Parts of Hearts: Valentine Fraction Word Problem FREEBIE | FifthGradeFlock.com | Math, Word problems, Fractions

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Use these quick and easy pizza fraction clip it cards to help kids understand the concepts

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Reading in Content Areas Pin Yummy Fractions! The children read this book on fractions with physical examples of what a fraction is. Then the class will ...

Fraction, Decimal & PERCENT Number Line Ordering Fractions and Decimals HANDS-ON ACTIVITY

Free Fraction Spinners

Free math resources covering FRACTIONS created by the teachers at Upper Elementary Snapshots. Math resources

Fraction Pack

Engage students with this fun fraction game. In up to 4 teams, students practice

Fraction Activity Pack

Fraction Activities Fraction Activities

Use these reproducible fraction strips to help your students to conceptualize the value of

Grade 5 word problems Math 5, Teaching Math,

Fraction Activities

Fraction hopscotch. This would be a fun way to get students interested in math. Instead of just doing worksheets, this gets them actively involved and they ...

Identifying Fractions Bingo- My students love playing bingo games to learn beginning math concepts.

Great ideas for Fraction games! Number and Operations-Fractions Standard Aligned. Link also has several other activities, not just fractions.

Valentine's Day Fraction Task Cards! 20 Valentine's Day themed task cards that have your students

Fractions Pizza Game – Lower Grades

These Fraction Sundaes were made using the Scholiastic book, "Math Art." It's

fraction-drawing. Fraction Mosaic Activity

Deepen mathematical understanding with 'Think Boards' Maths Classroom Displays, Year 4 Classroom,

Fraction Activity Pack

Fraction Picture Activity

Developing Fraction Sense

Fraction Card Game

Fractions Cutouts

How to Play Fraction War in the classroom with a deck of cards!

Fractions Math Notebook/Math Journal Pack

Fraction Activity Pack

Free Equivalent Fractions Ice Cream Match - My kids love this activity in our centers.

... Fractions: A Packet of *Fun* Activities (halves, thirds, fourths)

Fractions: A Daily Review

I have, Who Has Fractions Game

Equivalent Fractions & Decimals Free Printable Pack

Still up for the Weekend Warrior Challenge Montessori Math, Homeschool Math, Fraction Art,

... 4 student worksheets that require students to use their fraction bars to solve different types of questions. Fraction Bar Worksheets

Introduction to Fractions PowerPoint

Equivalent Fractions Wall Worksheet (Labeled)

Fraction Bingo

Valentine-s-Day-Math-Pack. Fractional Flowers explores fractions of a set and students ...

The ULTIMATE List of Fraction Activities

Multiplying fractions: a) If you have a pack of cards try this game Ms. Shilpa played on you with your family. Can your family figure out how she solved the ...

Equivalent Fractions Booklet

31 Activities and Resources for Teaching Fractions in the Classroom - Teach Starter Blog

Fraction Sense Series Square