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Tipper Ambient Set CoSM Jan 4 2015 Meditation t

Tipper Ambient Set CoSM Jan 4 2015 Meditation t


Tipper Ambient Set @ CoSM Jan 4, 2015

Tipper and Friends: Fillmore - Ambient Night 10/9/16

Unanimous - Journey Into the CoSM Mind of Fractals 'Involution' Genekeys 936Hz Meditation - YouTube

... the blossoming relationship between psychedelic art and electronic music, Android Jones is a name many music lovers are well aware of. For over a decade ...

Tipper NOLA *NEW* Ambient 2018 (HQ)

Tipper - Singer/Datagrama Collab New Downtempo (HQ)

Tipper Glasshouse VIP NOLA 2018 (HQ)

Tipper Ambient Set @ CoSM - Jan 4, 2015

(Part-2) Sonic Bloom 2014 -Tipper & Android Jones, Psychedelic Hiphop, Trippy Visuals Festival

Tipper + Android Jones at Arise Music Festival

Tipper - NOLA Downtempo/Journey Set 2018 (HQ)

Tipper - Downtempo (Part 1) - Orpheum - 1-6-18

Samskara - An experience by Android Jones

Tipper - Tip Hop Set - Fillmore Denver, CO

Soul Bloom Animation by Steven Haman

Tool - Disposition (slow version) + Tipper Alex Grey Visual

Dave Tipper released his full 'Chill Out' set courtesy of widely renown artist and visionary, Alex Grey, and his CoSM production in New York.

Tipper w/Android Jones Red Rocks 2015

Crunch/Tipper Full Set @ Suwanee April 22nd 2016 - First Time Performing Together in over 10 years. - YouTube

Tipper Live Infrasound 2017

Infrasound Music Festival has unveiled their initial lineup for 2015. The festival will be headlined by Dave Tipper, who will perform a lakeside sunrise set ...

Tipper- Open The Jowls- Mandelbulb 3d Animation


Tipper - Uptempo Set "unreleased track" - Fillmore Denver, CO

Tipper at OKEECHOBEE 2018

Tipper Ambient night Denver Colorado cuddle puddle

Shpongle (Sunrise Set) - Tipper and Friends 2016

Tipper - Couch Barrels

Tipper - Downtempo (Part 2) - Orpheum - 1-6-18

Tipper - Relish the Trough

Tipper @ Best Buy Theater NYC 2015

Chaya Av's Artwork at Tipper & Friends | Hullabalo0's set | Fractaled Visions

Tipper Ambient Set @ CoSM - Jan 4, 2015

Tipper - New Unreleased - Okeechobee 2018

One Hour * Sleep / Meditation / Drone / Ambient / Visualizer / Sound Healing 🐸

Tipper - Paperthinreality / ID / Bubble Control (Downtempo VIP) - Enchanted Forest 2017

Tipper - Bilirubbin (VIP) / Usul (VIP) - Enchanted Forest 2017

tipper tip hop

Tipper Ambient Set @ CoSM - Jan 4, 2015 in lcid on Vimeo

visionary art by alex grey


Tipper - Bassgunner

Tipper - Broken Soul Jamboree [FULL ALBUM]

Catherine Gibbs illustration

FOMO 2018 Set Times

Shpongle - DMT

Tipper @ Bridgestone Arena Bassnectar 360 NYE 2015 (1080P)

Tipper - Cloaked

Tipper - Lattice - full EP (2017)

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Tipper Downtempo Sunrise Live (Infrasound 2015)

Forest & nature inspired psychedelic visionary art for spiritual meditation. This visionary artwork is by Simon Haiduk.

Entheon: The Alex Grey Visionary Art Experience

Next up for The Disco Biscuits is a three-night run in the mountains of Colorado, at the brand-new venue 10 Mile Music Hall in Frisco, followed by Holidaze, ...

Check out the graphic below for the full announcement. Tickets go on sale Friday, Jan. 4 through the Coachella website. There are several travel & hotel ...

Tipper (NYC)-Opening Set (Night 1) Tip Hop

In honor of moe. announcing a headlining concert at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado set for July 2018, here's a look at the band's past gigs at the venue.

Like many devotees of David Bowie, I was absolutely heartbroken when I heard of his unexpected passing in January 2016, just two days after his 69th ...

Lettuce and Ghost-Note will begin their run of shows together on January 10th in Rochester, NY and continue to Boston, MA (1/11); Clifton Park, ...

[HD] Tipper @ Fractal Planet, Burn Night, Burning Man 2013


Tipper - Cut the Jibber Mix

Tipper - Emerald Hooves Unofficial Music Video

Progressives had reasons to celebrate the morning of Nov. 8 more than at any point in the past year. Not only did the Democrats capture the big prizes of ...

A Few Summer DJ & Handpan Gigs

One of the proudest moments that Madeleine Charney has shared with her son, Eli, is when she got to hold up the front page of the newspaper on Nov. 7, 2015 ...

Here's what you treated yourself to to take away the pain of 2016.


Tipper NYE 360 part 1

In its heyday in the 1970s and '80s, roller derby was known for fierce females, fishnets, spiked hair and names like “Iron Maven.” After a lull in the '90s, ...

Fairgrounds Festival 2018 Set Times

RNB Fridays Live 2018 Set Times

QOTD Psychedelic Gif, Psychedelic Posters, You're Awesome, Amazing Art, Painting

Friggin Relaxing Mind Massage இ Best of Tipper & Bogtrotter இ 3 Bonus Tracks

So next month I will be back in Denver to Live paint at a 3 night Event with Tipper and friends at The Fillmore!! Super stoked to paint you something super ...

Field Day 2018 Set Times

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This Two-Minute Video Is A Basic Guide To Meditation

My Point Of View, Meditation Quotes, Spiritual Awakening, Wise Words,

Parkway Drive 'Reverence' Artwork

If you've ever wanted to run for a local government position, whether that's a seat on a local Community College board or a Senate seat, now's a good time ...

More of the new Undergound Narratology episodes will live on The Broadcast Collection > 2017

Grateful Dead Announces 'Pacific Northwest '73-'74: The Complete Recordings' Box Set

"Again congrat on video this really much more that i could have hope for!!" - Guillaume Rousere on Loop Lounge Video Routine 1

Ruysen Flores Venancino is a grand master shaman who paints highly detailed and beautifully powerful encounters with Mother Ayahuasca.