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Too much personalization leads to homogeneous experiences for users

Too much personalization leads to homogeneous experiences for users


How Personalization Leads to Homogeneity

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Too much #personalization leads to homogeneous experiences.


Homogeneous or heterogeneous? Homogeneous

Boosting Website Personalization Through Data Science

Instagram's @insta_repeat account creates mashups of similar photos posted on the network to point out that much of the content is unoriginal.

Why Is Stakeholder Buy-In Important for UX? 2 minute video

What motivates people to take online surveys for free? Do.

User profile construction for personalization (adapted from Gauch et al. 2007)

hyper personalization

Content Strategy vs. Content Tactics 1 minute video

museum selfie spot

Our eyetracking studies show flat UI design often possess weak signifiers and lack sufficient clues to indicate actionable elements on the screen.

Gamification is the usage of game mechanics in non-game contexts, such as mainstream UX design. The most successful implementations of gamification begin ...

Screenshot of iHerb homepage, showing 60% off discount for a variety of lip balms

The field of user experience requires skills from many different areas. Because of this, there are many unique journeys into UX.

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B2B Advertising, Personalization, and Landing Page Best Practices by Demandbase 2015

Know when to follow or banish a design trend. The 3 B's: Budget, Brand, and Behavior will help you make the right decisions.

Personalized Recommendation Systems: Five Hot Research Topics You Must Know - Microsoft Research


Classification Scheme for Personalization Systems With Examples


Eyetracking research shows people spend disproportionately more viewing time on the left half of the page versus on the right half.


Personalization Ideal Types

A description of this model: For a field of education (e.g., computer science), there exist many curriculums. Each curriculum is built up of courses (e.g., ...

To start this series at Part I, The Evolution of Advertising Personalization: A 100+ year quest to create advertising that people ...

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Extinction Risk: How Homogeneous Design Can Sink Your Business - Multichannel Merchant

IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology eISSN: 2319-1163 ...


Figure 1

Groupon's User Experience team is looking for business.

Top 10 UX Articles of 2018 https://lnkd.in/gB_KsxC.

As portals of first impressions, E-commerce app and website homepages play a crucial role in the processing, delivering and scheduling of user traffic.

Google Assistant will soon be on a BILLION devices, and.

What priority is your school giving to personalised learning at this time?



Consistency between positive and negative poles for negation and opposition attributes. Negative scores were inverted

Hetero and homogeneous catalysis

+5 …

Marta Fernandez delte

Research Lines Personalized eHealth Technology - Technical Medical Centre

Facebook users are the product.

Brand DEEKI by virtue of its unique design and style, in the recently held twenty fifth China International glasses industry Fair (hereinafter referred to ...

About to File for Candidacy.

Forms of tools (Social status)-evaluation (own elaboration) Forms of tools

For a whopping 78 percent of respondents, diversity was very or extremely important to their recruitment success.

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Overall system architecture

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Identifying Usability Issues for Personalization During Formative Evaluations: A Comparison of Three Methods

Detailed View of the mPERSONA Architecture

77% had a hard time choosing a movie. 75% wanted a more.

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Inside the changes that could save its business—and reshape civil discourse.

The Most Important Algorithms for Marketing Data Analysts to Understand

Distribution of the ratings in the 22 categories of Yelp dataset.

There's a challenge for homogeneous groupings of collective experiences when providing resources which are 'personalised

Thank you very much Kate Moran, Alita Joyce and Therese.

Personalized eLearning: A Customized Approach To Accelerated eLearning

Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Groups | Blended & Personalized Learning Practices At Work

... the demise of the general interest publication and spawned the niche interest magazine, and along with it a new kind of advertising personalization.

RMSE and MAE histograms of impact of user's friend number in Restaurants of Yelp.

Conceptual Components of a Service System

Click to Tweet - How to Master Personalized Markeing

When people spoke about personalization, all they meant was that a mail was introduced with a person's name ('Dear Franck…') rather than an anonymous ...

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Summary: The card component is a preview of more detailed content a user sees when actioned. Elements include multimedia, text, links, graphs, and captions.

100 Event Trends for 2019 ??

RMSE and MAE histograms of impact of user's rated number in Restaurants of Yelp.

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TheAIConfLondon (3)

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TheAIConfLondon (1)

Nielsen Norman Group @NNgroup

Exhibit 1: Management offered insights on Taobao app homepage design[6]

The company that owns AOL and Yahoo is investing in content, software, and better online user experiences for marketers and consumers.

Users largely judge their experience with your product or service on two data points: the peak and the end.

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Dmitry Nekrasovski

... them get into the mindset of the service user and to move away from the idea that service users are an homogeneous group of people known as 'tenants'.


“Create personas that represent people who would intend harm, complete with objectives and requirements

The Best Gift This Holiday Season: Personalized Logistics

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Although this example describes a very simple situation, the number of possible configurations (not taking into account the constraints) is already large.


... us are more and mean more than what meets the eye. As these theses demonstrated, materials manifest and communicate ideas. They create experience.

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