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Merlin O n e W o r d F a n d o m S t u f f t

Merlin O n e W o r d F a n d o m S t u f f t


A Pair of Weirdos. Merlin FandomMerlin ...

The first episode is one of my favorites!

newspaper headlines modern AU (Merthur) Merlin Funny, Merlin Memes, Merlin Fandom,

"Last words spoken to Merlin." Why do i even read this? Makes

The Greek tragedy of Merlin.: Merlin Serie, Merlin Cast, Merlin Fandom,

I'm in too, I heard the word magic Merlin And Arthur, King

Why does Merlin wear the same clothes

Merlin X Arthur #Merthur I love this pairing so much I had to make this.

Can't help but love that last line • Merthur • Merlin Tumblr post

Holmes and Watson - womanless and hot hahahahaha


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Merlin ~ Quotes

Or Supernatural. Or Fringe. Or Psych. Or freaking food. Basically anything that · Merlin Fandom ...

Bradley James and Colin Morgan Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Merlin, Random Things,

I am Merlin part 1 (From Disney Moana I am Moana!) #disneymoana #bbcmerlin

Oh my gosh the Jack Harkness one! That is actually really offensive! So happy they included Maximum Ride for once

Merlin: Word to the Wise

Merlin Crew offended by some of the Fanfic/Drawings/Pics - Arthur and Gwen - Fanpop

In a Land of Myth... Merlin (white) T-Shirt


Gwaine has always been my spirit animal * * * #bradleyjames #


Mordred; Christmas' true Grinch

What Were the Biggest Fan Communities on Each Platform?

doctor who sherlock supernatural Benedict Cumberbatch tom hiddleston The Avengers Merlin HAPPY NEW YEAR FANDOMS and

This hurts... This really hurts... :'( *sobbing

One-Shot Conest- FanGirlsInWonderland

I'm not a fan of all,


Merlin title screen. '


Click on the image to get the full-size printable version, so you can

Is it possible to quantify fandom? Here's one statistician who's crunching the numbers

voldemort holding harry potters face


A Look Inside My Mind


Happy Merlin Day, everyone. Although I know you're out there, here


#merlinbbc #merlin #gwenpendragon #bbcmerlin

Photo via castielryan/Tumblr

Girl Squirrel

TLK Poster Stonehenge

Plain and simple it is disgusting. Again, I reiterate I have no issue with

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

AU in which Arthur knows Merlin is a Dragonlord, and all of the dragons of Albion routinely come to Camelot to honor the Once And Future King.

4/5 of my TV show layout series, Merlin! One of my all

Merlin Season 6

Computers with arrows pointing to change.

How is the Merlin fandom still kickin, do y'all never die? •

Higitus Figitus

It takes you a few minutes to realize that Merlin isn't talking anymore. You stop chewing and glance over to see him grinning at you stupidly with his head ...

Ship It

#best ...

Troll things ye finds here

Thoughts From a Nerdy Girl

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

But at least the dungeons are top-notch!

5 Harry Potter-Like Shows You Can Watch on Netflix Now

Give him a break Arthur 😂 #bbc #bbcmerlin #merlinbbc #merthur #arthur

“Feeling ...

One Shots, Imagines, And Preferences (Under Major Revising!) - Merlin x Reader One Shot (BBC) - Wattpad


Oh that? That's just the sound of my heart breaking.... Nothing

Morgana incants a spell.

#fgo#Fate/Grand Order#my art#posting this on its own#bc i got merlin from a single ticket and he is just an entire joke

Watching lotr makes me happy- - - #merlin #colinmorgan #emrys #merthur #bradleyjames #arthurpendragon #angelcoulby #guinevere #katiemcgrath #morgana ...

Screenshot of The Severus Snape Rescue Squad promotion [15].

Colin Morgan Fan Page 🖤 on Twitter: "I will never stop saying: Colin is the kindest person i've never met! #ColinMorgan #Merlin #bestirishtalent… "

Merlin meets Kilgharrah

His Father's Son

Screenshot of discussion between Tonya and anonymous critic.

Merlin: A Hogwarts Adventure.

Mel ( @merlin.fandom )

Chart: Fandom Platform Use Over Time by Casey Fiesler.

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The Sword in the Stone

Merlin cast

The first 3 seasons summed up in one picture <-The whole storyline summed up

Fandom's 2018 Word of the Year is here 👌

In an interesting twist, Merlin and Arthur are involved in the Camelot fandom (at first I thought the author just made it up, but no, it was a show on ...

My heart feels that familiar pain

Merlin summons Kilgharrah outside of Camelot

Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega) in Star Wars: The

... from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Da Vinci's Demons, Torchwood, Game of Thrones, Thor: The Dark World, Les Misérables, Hot Fuzz and MORE.

Anne Jamison

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Nancy slaps Steve while Tommy, Carol and Nicole watch.

Here are some things I've learned about writing – and fandom – since entering the vast and welcoming world of fan fiction.

Once Upon a Time Recap: The Heartbreak Kid

Who's up for a game of surtur hela thor? . . . . . #